Peter Molyneux is back – promises a new game concept ‘never seen before’

Peter Molyneux is back – promises a new game concept ‘never seen before’

( Game developer Peter Molyneux is back in the spotlight, and he says he’s working on a new game.

The man behind legendary games like “Fable”, “Populous” and “Black & White” started developer studio 22cans some time ago after leaving Lionheads.

Time has since produced games that have been. Their curiosity: What’s inside the cube? On mobile, millions are losing on a virtual cube, where a huge prize is promised to whoever is the first to reach the middle – including percentages of the winnings from the “Godus” game.

On the other hand, “Godus” was a flop still in early access a decade later, and the “Curiosity” winner never got his award.

In an interview with GameReactor The creator of the game usually says in passing that they stumbled around a bit, but that stumble means they’ve stumbled across something that hasn’t been done before – something that will be implemented in a new game.

– It’s like we’ve found a mechanic that we’ve never seen in any game before. I feel like we’re making use of that mechanic in a world and situation that people might be familiar with. And since it is familiar surroundings, it will be much fresher, says Molyneux.

– A lot of this is very vague because I try not to reveal what it is, but it would be an experience more like “Fable” or “Black & White” or “Dungeon Keeper”.

However, he doesn’t want to reveal more about the game itself, which he says they’ve been conceptualizing for five years. However, he did reveal that he would be down to PC and console, and that he himself was helping to program the game, which he hadn’t done since the original “Black & White”.

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What happened to the game “Legacy”, revealed by 22cans and Molyneux in early 2019, is unknown. The game was supposed to give you the role of the owner of the factory – a kind of remake of the game “The Entrepreneur”.

The game seemed to have a number of typical features seen in more pessimistic mobile games, as factories seemed to impose restrictions in the form of long production lead times and waiting to order goods.

The last time we heard about it in 2021, it became clear that it would be modded into a crypto-blockchain NFT game where you can buy in-game areas and virtual currency — without it being entirely clear how the game itself will change.

However, the virtual land pre-sale took off, and it was sold for an incredibly little 14,000 ETH, which at the time was NOK 550 million. Later, the NFT market collapsed, and it is not known whether “Legacy” is still in development.

This article was written by our satirical consultant Segata Sateru, and therefore only bamboo.

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