Peter Nyquist breaks the silence: – A different journey

Peter Nyquist breaks the silence: – A different journey

In recent years, Peter Nyquist (45 years old) has appeared in a number of television programs that left a deep impression on viewers.

Among other things, he experienced himself as an outcast and a prisoner, and along the way he made acquaintances who lived in these environments on a daily basis. He is also behind shows like 'Petter Uteligger' and 'Petter – Where No One Shall Live'.

- A punch in the face

– A punch in the face

Just before Christmas last year, Nyquist posted a photo of Instagram He announced that he and his family would travel for a while, but they would not go on just any trip.

“Now we all have a deep quiver in our stomachs. In the next six months, my family and I will do something we have never done before. We will live and live with other families who face very different challenges in daily life than ours.”

Peter “Uteligger” Nyquist had a strange experience when he slept indoors for the first time in several days.
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In conclusion, he wishes his followers a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, Easter, National Day and Pentecost.

That was December 20, 2023, and since then there has been silence from the TV file.

However, he can now announce on Instagram that the family has returned to Norway after six months in what he refers to as a “different trip”.

This post also doesn't reveal the family's whereabouts, but it clearly left an impression on them:

“One of the things that makes Marie and I very happy is that Ingrid and Marius said that the best thing about this half-year was all the people we lived with, which we can certainly agree with. Because it is precisely through human encounters that we have learned the most.”

in prison: Peter Nyquist takes the viewer behind the walls of Halden Prison in his new documentary series. Video: TV 2
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In the post, the trip appears to be documented, but Nyquist did not address what the documentation would end up being.

In the comments section there are many people welcoming the family home.

“welcome home!” “Mina og meg,” writes Alexander Reid (41), known among other things.

-Can't find peace

-Can't find peace

The Madcon duo also left a tribute:

“This is lovely, and not least educational for us too. Looking forward. Welcome home, everyone.”

So far, Dagbladet has not been able to get a comment from Peter Nyquist.

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