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Dutch police correspondent Peter R. Within an hour of the attempted murder of de Vries, 64, police arrested two suspects. One of the accused, Kamil E. (35). The recreational boxer and his accomplice were spotted by authorities before the attack.

Kamil E. (35) resides in the Dutch province of Gelderland and is said to be wanted with an arrest warrant (theft and robbery) in his home country. Investigators believe: He drove the exit car after the murder attack.

Neighbors told the Dutch newspaper “Telegraph”E. Moved a month or two ago. Accordingly, he lived there with his pregnant wife and two children. He spoke poorly in Dutch and could not say “hello”. Neighbors described him as a good man.

Kamil E. Thane showed boxing on the internet; Many of his tattoos are striking. He was reportedly arrested last week because of a threatening situation.

Shortly before the bloody attack, Peter R. De Vries (64)Photo: Reuters

Detective Peter R.  De Vries (64)

Police Correspondent Peter R. De Vries (64)Photo: Image Alliance / Robin UTRECHT

The second alleged killer was Delano G. of Rotterdam. (21). He allegedly fired five shots at police reporter De Vries. G. to the Province of Celterland. Also: He is said to have been observed with criminal offenses in the past.

Delano G and Kamil E. They are due to appear in court on Friday. Police searched the homes of the two suspects and confiscated ammunition and data carriers.

So investigators caught the suspects

It is now clear how police were able to locate the two alleged assailants: using surveillance cameras and witnesses’ first evidence, investigators quickly found the license plate number of the escape vehicle, Silver Renault.

Police inserted it into the number plate authentication system installed on several Dutch motorways. Ft! You can then park the car on the A4. Kamil E and Delano G apparently inside – arrested!

Police said computers, cash and ammunition were confiscated during house searches in Rotterdam, Murrick and Tile.

The reporter’s health remains unchanged

Police Correspondent De Vries was taken to Amsterdam Hospital with serious head injuries after the attack on Tuesday evening. Someone in a motorcycle helmet fired five shots at him – a bullet hit him in the head.

De Vries is still in mortal danger. “Peter is still fighting for his life,” said Peter van der Worst, owner of the television station RDL.

R ︎ His family announced yesterday in “RDL Boulevard”: “His health has not changed, a lot of uncertainty. It will take some time to be more clear. “The family is grateful for the good care they receive at Peter de Vries Hospital.

Through his work, de Vries was repeatedly targeted by criminals. He was on two death lists – most recently Ridovan Taki (43), the leader of a Moroccan mafia. De Vries, among others, appeared as a consultant in a lawsuit against Docky. Is that why he himself fell victim to an assassination attempt?

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