Peter Stordalen, Hotel | Former minister Lisbeth Berg-Hansen wants to boycott Peter Stordalen's hotels

Peter Stordalen, Hotel |  Former minister Lisbeth Berg-Hansen wants to boycott Peter Stordalen's hotels

On Tuesday this week, former Fisheries and Coastal Minister Lisbeth Berg-Hansen (AP) had a hotel experience that left her speechless.

Stordalen Hotel required NOK 200 extra for early check-in.

“New, special hotel experience. Checked in at a Comfort Hotel in Oslo at 12 noon and the nice lady at reception says the room is ready, but if you want it now it costs NOK 200 extra,” he writes. on Facebook.

– Speculation and petty

– I know check-in is at 3pm, but the usual thing is when you check out a little early, they'll be happy at the reception if you say, “Your room is actually free,” says 61-year-old Netavison.

In this case she did not give and asked if there was an alternative use for the room which was vacant till 3 pm.

– This is speculative and frivolous! I think it's clumsy and frivolous to cut us off as consumers who still leave thousands of kroner in Stordalen hotels.

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– Never experienced before

Berg-Hansen was not unkind in criticizing the owner of the hotel chain, Peter Stordalen, who “loves Mondays and is otherwise tall and dark”.

– He knows we pay. Most of us do, she tells Netavisen, adding that she wants this “consumer war.”

Berg-Hanson is listed with assets of 186 million in 2022, with millions going into agricultural companies in the North, where he is a part owner.

– Will never stay at Peter's Hotel again

– I can certainly pay NOK 200 extra, but it's a matter of principle, he says enthusiastically.

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On Facebook, he calls for a boycott and discussion:

“I've stayed in many hotels in my life, but I've never experienced this before, and now I know I won't stay in Peter Stordalen's hotels. Not because I can't afford to pay NOK 200 extra, but I'll give that money to someone who needs it more than Peter Stordalen. Start the discussion.”

– Refuse early check-out?

– So now you want to ignore Stordalen hotels?

– Yes, there are many more hotels! This is a bad way to treat customers and I will take this fight, he says.

Berg-Hansen anticipated “payback time” the next morning:

– I checked out at 7am and I couldn't help but ask if I could get a refund for leaving the room so early, says Berg-Hansen.

She didn't understand it.

Nettawissen was initially in contact with Stordalen Instrumentation for Peter Stordalen's opinion on the case.

Strawberry: – Common practice

However, he himself did not answer Strawberry, Director of Communications at Bettina Flatland, answers us as follows:

– It is true that early check-in and late check-out are additional services that guests may choose to pay for, which is a common practice in the hotel industry.

Flatland says that for an “additional fee” you can pay:

– On the other hand, if you are a member of the loyalty program for Strawberry, you can enjoy the benefits of early check-in and late check-out when rooms are available in hotels, Flatland tells Netavisen.

But – normal and regular?

Bristol: – Don't pay extra

Nettavisen compared the Thon-hotel Bristol in Oslo:

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– We have check-in at 3pm to make sure the rooms are ready. But if your room is available at 12 o'clock or 8 o'clock, you get it – at no extra charge, the receptionist tells Netavisen.

Lisbeth Berg-Hansen was the Minister of Fisheries, Secretary of State in the Prime Minister's Office and Vice President of the NHO. Now she is working Kruse is a senior advisor at Larsen.

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