Petter Stordalen: – Full grab with Swedish artist

Petter Stordalen: – Full grab with Swedish artist

On “Benjamins,” entertainer Benjamin Ingrosso, 25, invites famous personalities, mainly Swedes, into a conversation, while he cooks and serves food.

Attention grab: - Awesome

Attention grab: – Awesome

However, it’s not just the Swedes who have been invited around Ingrosso’s table – the hotel’s king Peter Stordalen (60) also had the honor of being invited. However, the visit did not take place without a bit of push.

Swedish Aftonbladet reported that Stordalen ends up having as many as seven feuds with artist Ellinor “Elliphant” Olovsdotter (37). According to the Swedish newspaper, it soon becomes clear that Stordalen and Olovsdotter do not share the same outlook on life.

Petter Stordalen has been with Märta Elander Wisten during the pandemic. To Pernilla Wahlgren, they tell how they had to learn to feel again now that things were back to normal.
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Strongly Disagree

One of the topics of conversation that really makes the two opposing sides show different sides is when the Corona pandemic is brought up. In the episode, Olofsdotter can be heard starting out by noting what she thought was “fat” about the pandemic, before storming into Stordalen:

– There was nothing fat in the epidemic!

Reveal the past

Revealing the ‘secret’ past

As you know, the hotel industry has been hit hard by the pandemic, I wrote in December 2020 today’s work Stordalen has lost $6.5 billion in sales since the start of the Corona crisis.

The 37-year-old goes on to explain that what I love about the pandemic is that you weren’t so lonely, that everyone was more or less in the same boat. Stordalen strongly disagrees with this.

Pernilla Wahlgren visits Norway and is allowed to return home to Petter Stordalen. She is a little affected. Video: Red Runner / Discovery+
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– With all due respect, I think the biggest problem we had from the pandemic was the opposite. I think there is a global epidemic of loneliness. I don’t think we’re seeing the long-term consequences of this lockdown, the 60-year-old is heard to say.

Dagbladet tried to get in touch with Petter Stordalen via his press connection.

honor his girlfriend

honor his girlfriend

“keep explosive”

It wasn’t just the pandemic that became a topic around the dinner table. When Sweden’s NATO membership was discussed, Stordalen must have been very upset by the fact that Olofsdotter was against membership.

The Swedish newspaper describes Stordalen as “about to explode” under the topic of the conversation. It should be noted, however, that he smiled and laughed several times during the conversation.

surprise party And on Tuesday night, the stage was set for a stunning celebration by the hotel’s king, Peter Stordalen. Stordalen receives from his old friend Christian Ringnes a gift to be savored. Reporter: Sophie Lucin. Video: Nora Skafog.
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Is this what it means to be an adult? To sit at dinner and have a loud discussion about something called NATO? I think we need some music and Peter and Ellie to get a break from each other, Ingrosso reportedly said, according to Aftonbladet.

Ingrosso, who describes himself as somewhat shy of conflict, concludes the evening by saying that, if nothing else, a visit to Stordalen made him experience his fear of conflict.

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