Photographed by the police before Gabe’s disappearance

Photographed by the police before Gabe's disappearance

New York (Dagbladet): Peteto’s disappearance seems to be a big mystery. The FBI is connected, and the case is receiving great attention in the US media.

The couple were actually on a motorhome trip across the United States when Laundry returned home much earlier than planned and had not cooperated with the police yet. Pettito has given no sign of life since texting the family at the end of August.

The video released by police in Moab shows footage from cameras that police officers wear in uniform. Petio seems to have had a terrible fight with his girlfriend.

video images

Police stopped the caravan with the two on August 12 for speeding and driving on a sidewalk near the entrance to Arches National Park.

The videos show Pettito visibly upset when the police approach him.

– We were arguing this morning. She says some personal things.

For his part, Laundry says the couple started pushing when he got into the car with dirty feet. He also made it clear that he did not want Pettito to be reported on charges of violence. Police officers at the scene made it clear that they saw Pettito as the aggressive person in the fight.

Case of disappearance: German police held a press conference on the latest news in the Madeleine McCann case. Video: AP
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– I will not pursue anything because she is my fiancé and I love her. It was just an argument. Sorry, says Laundry, it has become too generic.

The police also did not report the couple, but they made sure they stayed separated the following night. Laundry checked into a hotel while Pettito was sleeping in the carriage.

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ARGENTINA: Brian Laundry, girlfriend of Gabi Pettito, speaks to police in Moab, Utah after the couple was arrested August 12.  Photo: Moab Police Department, via AP
argued: Gabe Pettito’s girlfriend, Brian Laundry, speaks to police in Moab, Utah after the couple was arrested on August 12. Photo: Moab Police Department, via AP
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do not talk

Police in Northport now refer to Laundry as a “person of interest”. However, he wrote that he is not accused of any crimes, but has so far refused to cooperate with the police AP.

– Please have a chat with Brian Laundry. Two people went on a trip and one person came back! North Harbor Police Chief Todd Garrison writes Twitter Addressed to Edfu LaundriesKat.

The couple began driving from New York on the East Coast in July with a plan to get to Oregon on the West Coast for Halloween.

According to police, Pettito was last in contact with the family in late August from Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Pettito was also caught on video as she and her boyfriend walked out of a hotel in Salt Lake City on August 24. Police believe they then went to Grand Teton National Park.

However, Laundry drove the car, a Ford Transit, home to Florida on September 1. Ten days later, on September 11, Pettito’s family reported her daughter’s disappearance.

Desperation: Gabi Pettito's father, Joe Pettito, and Police Chief Todd Garrison in North Port, Florida on Thursday.  Photo: Octavio Jones/Getty Images/AFP
Despair: Gabe Pettito’s father, Joe Pettito, and Police Chief Todd Garrison in North Port, Florida on Thursday. Photo: Octavio Jones/Getty Images/AFP
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– pray

On Thursday, her parents also posted a message begging Laundry’s parents for help finding Pettito.

– We think you know where Brian Gabe left. Please tell us where. As parents, how can you allow us to experience this pain and not help us? As parents, how can you allow Gabe’s younger brothers and sisters to experience this? My father Pettito writes in a public letter.

Laundry’s attorney, Stephen Bertolino, says Laundry’s family hope Pettito will be found unharmed, but has asked them not to speak to investigators, The Associated Press writes.

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“I can’t guess why he’s not talking, but he has the pieces to the puzzle, which we need to find Gabi,” Police Chief Garrison told ABC News on Thursday.

Two more were killed

It is reported that the police still consider it a missing case, not a murder. At the same time, the police are working hard to find out which geographical area they should search.

On Thursday, the father asks the public for help at a press conference.

– What I want from everyone is help. Whatever you can do to make sure my daughter comes home, I will ask you for help. Nothing else matters now, as his father Joe Pettito said at a press conference.

At the same time, police began investigating whether there was any possible connection between Pettito’s disappearance and the unsolved deaths of two women in a camping area in Moab. The two women were found shot dead on August 18, six days after police stopped Londry and Pettito in the area.

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