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Emma Elise Nilsen Reiakvam

– I feel like someone is stabbing me all the time, says Emma Elise Nilsson Reakvam.

He is suffering from CRPS.

After two and a half years of pain, she decided to go to a private clinic in the United States because she believed she was not getting the help she needed in the Norwegian healthcare system.

To achieve that, Akka created a “splice”.

The goal was to collect NOK 1.1 million, but they collected NOK 680,000. Now that the money has run out, there is a situation of asking for money again.

This time they are asking NOK 400,000. Often, they do not succeed in achieving the goal.

The 21-year-old says he did not expect so much money to come from the collection this time.

Photo: Hans-Olav Landsverk / NRK

– Places market value on people

Spleis figures that so far this year, few have reached their goals for health-related fundraising campaigns.

Of the 336 health-related divisions, only 62 met their target, said press liaison Ida Havik.

First, you have an incurable disease. Then have to live with it. Then you are not from the Norwegian health system. Then have to live with it. Then you confirm Pinato on social media.

That’s what Jan Olav Ryfetten at fundraising company Bidra.no says. He believes few people know that very few succeed.

He believes this will only worsen the misery of those involved.

Jan Olav Rifeton

Jan Olav Rifeton is the founder of the fundraising platform bidra.no

Photo: Private

– According to Rifeton, what should be a solution ends up being the opposite for many.

Every time he experiences that someone has not succeeded in raising enough money for a treatment that is important to him, he is saddened.

You place a market value on people based on the herd. How big is your herd? How big is your network?

Many inquiries

NRK recently told about one A group of friends reacting to it Fundraising should be sought To ensure someone they love Get health coverage.

They are not alone, according to Thor Bernhard Släthach, Secretary General of the Justice Foundation.

They are constantly investigating those who do not have money for health-related treatments.

Dor Bernhard Schlatch

Dor Bernhardt Sltag is the General Secretary of the Redford Foundation.

Photo: Terje Högnes / NRK

Many of them don’t have friends and family to help.

– We have received many requests about whether we can promote various supplies on our social media. And then those who created the fissures themselves or had someone in their immediate family do it.

They will never say yes to this because it is very difficult to do background checks for such scams.

Wants a strong public health service

We need fundamentally good public health services and public investment in health researchState Secretary at the Ministry of Health and Care Karl Christian Bekeng says.

Carl Christian Bekeng is the State Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Care

State Secretary Carl Christian Bekeng considers the contributions of NGOs and individuals to be positive. Yet, no one should depend on private fundraising, he believes.

Photo: Esten Borgos / Borgos Foto AS

NRK has asked Becken that collection campaigns are not enough for the Norwegian health system.

The government wants a strong public health service managed by the community and funded from the tax bill. This is important in the fight against increased social and geographical disparities and in the fight against the fragmentation of health care.

Pegeng says there will always be limited resources in health care, and options will outstrip possibilities.

No one should have to rely on private funding to get proper treatment. But there is a good tradition of voluntary organizations and individuals making a significant contribution to public investment. I think it’s positive and an expression that people care about.

– All scratches

Emma Elise Nilsson Reakvam says the parents have borrowed NOK 700,000. In total, treatment in the US has cost NOK 2 million so far.

– But it works, and that’s why we choose to continue, says Sister Maleen Nilsson Reakvam.

– The woman will recover. Everything is scratch for us. We have to try, hope it works, and then take more loans.

What would it be like to live with the uncertainty of whether the split is working or not?

– Whether Splice succeeds or not, everything helps us now, says Emma.

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