Plane crash in Russian port – 13 dead – VG

Plane crash in Russian port – 13 dead – VG

A Russian military plane crashes into an apartment building in Russia. 13 people died.


This reports, among other things Interfax, Who cites emergency services from the scene of the accident. It will be a SU-34 military combat aircraft.

Early Tuesday morning, Russia’s state news agency RIA Novosti reported that 13 people had been killed and 19 injured. They write that three of the dead are children.

It is Russian Health Minister Alexei Kuznetsov who provides the information.

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the crash of the Sukhoi-34 on Monday, according to Reuters. The ministry said that a fire occurred in the engine of the plane that took off during training.

Strong fire: An explosive fire broke out after the plane crashed into a group of apartments.

state-controlled news agency palm Quoting the Russian authorities as saying that four floors of a nine-storey high-rise building were on fire, 100 people were evacuated. Pictures and videos on social media show large amounts of smoke and fire at the scene.

Several Russian media reported that large amounts of fuel leaked from the plane and led to a severe fire in the nine-storey building, where, according to RIA Novosti, more than 600 people live. Witnesses said the fire was burning on at least four floors.

RIA Novosti Another state-owned news agency wrote that a total of 600 people live in an apartment building.

Rhea writes that both pilots must have been able to eject the plane before it crashed into the building, and that the Russian Investigative Committee has opened a case in connection with the accident.

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The crash is said to have taken place in the port city of Yeysk, which lies along the Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzov in southwestern Russia, opposite Mariupol in Ukraine.

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