Planes carrying 14 Norwegian evacuees landed in Copenhagen

Planes carrying 14 Norwegian evacuees landed in Copenhagen

Status is updated.

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs TV 2 Denmark That the plane had landed.

The plane took off from Islamabad in Pakistan on Tuesday night, and landed at Copenhagen Airport after a layover in Tbilisi. In addition to the Norwegians, there was one person living in Denmark on board.

Unfortunately, we cannot go into any details, for the safety of those involved, says press spokeswoman Ragnhild H. Semenstad at MFA TV 2.

The Danish evacuation plane landed on Wednesday morning. Photo:

After the Taliban took control of Afghanistan on Sunday, the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, became a base for many embassy employees who were forced to evacuate.

Norwegian soldiers evacuated

According to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the plane’s lease agreement was about to expire, resulting in it having to take off from Islamabad at 21 NST, despite the fact that there were only 15 passengers on board.

The Danish Foreign Ministry wrote that the ongoing evacuation is demanding, making it difficult to get more people out at one time.

Terje Waterdale, Director of the Afghanistan Land Office, was on snwhen u tried to evacuate from afghanistan on tuesday night.

While most other countries are evacuating their citizens from Afghanistan, Norway beefed up staff at the Norway-led field hospital on Tuesday evening.

According to Defense Minister Frank Buck-Jensen (H), nine original staff members of the Norwegian field hospital have left Afghanistan in recent days.

— The Norwegian field hospital in the military part of Kabul airport was reinforced on Tuesday night with an additional 15 people who will take over tasks related to security and communications, Defense Minister Frank Back-Jensen (live) told NTB.

Plane: Here is the plane at Islamabad airport before departure.

Plane: Here is the plane at Islamabad airport before departure. Photo: Aamer Qureshi/AFP

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