June 26, 2022


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Playstation 5 has been hacked - ITavisen

Playstation 5 has been hacked – ITavisen

Fail0verflow are experts at hacking consoles. Now it looks like they’ve managed it again.

There is not much information yet

The hacker managed to recover the identical root keys of the latest Sony console, and they can be recovered from the Sony software.

This means it’s easier to hack, but it also means that a cat-and-mouse game with Sony is in progress: Sony just updates the firmware to stop it, until you find another way to do it. Or find a new one. keys. According to Fail0verflow, it won’t be easy for Sony to overwrite the root keys, but whether that means having to update the hardware is currently unknown.

He may have exploited an AMD vulnerability

There is no more information from hackers than they manage to do. It’s possible that they’re waiting for an update from Sony before they reveal more, as they did with the Playstation 4. It’s now possible anyway that the entire firmware will be able to recover and hack it so you can run unauthorized code, like pirate games.

one mentioned Error (Discovered in September) in AMD’s “Platform Security Processor (PSP)” chipset driver which means the driver is leaking information. It is possible that this bug has been exploited.

I 2016 Can we report that the same group hacked Playstation 4 to run Linux.