PlayStation VR2 will be released on February 22nd – at a much higher cost than…

PlayStation VR2 will be released on February 22nd - at a much higher cost than...

Sony plans to release PlayStation VR2 on February 22, 2023. The company itself reported this in press release Wednesday afternoon.

The separate Horizon: Call of the Mountain bundle will arrive on launch day. It will likely cost 500-800 NOK more than the basic set.


The price will be around 599.99 euros, which means that it will cost between 6,500 and 7,500 kroner in Norway. It is unlikely that a specific Norwegian price will be available prior to release, given that Sony has historically allowed Norwegian retailers to set their own prices for products.

By comparison, PlayStation VR cost around 4,790 NOK when it was released for PlayStation 4 in 2016.

The VR headset comes with a set of Sense controllers and headphones, but it will also be possible to purchase a charging station for the Sense controllers separately.

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Notable update

The PS VR2 is an important step forward compared to its predecessor. With an OLED display, 4K HDR support, up to 120fps, and a 110-degree viewing angle, the glasses on paper are already far ahead of Sony’s previous VR product.

Playstation VR2.


Up front, there are four cameras that track your movements, and the new Sense controllers have adaptive triggers, like the DualSense controller’s sibling. They should also be able to pick up finger touches.

This is the monkey The headset is not compatible with previous PlayStation VR headset games. The reason must be that the company wants to focus on the future rather than looking back.

Headphone specifications:

screen type

the decision 2000 x 2040 per eye
refresh rate 90 Hz, 120 Hz
lens separation modifiable
View view about 110 degrees

・Motion sensor: 6-axis system with 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer

・Conduction sensor: Infrared proximity sensor


・4 camera headset and motion tracking

・Eye tracking with infrared camera

Response Headphone vibration
Connect to PS5 USB C type

It seems

・ Input: Built-in microphone

・ Output: stereo headphone jack

At launch, 20 games should be ready. Today, Sony announced that 11 new games that should be available For the launch day headset:

  • Dark Pictures: Switchback VR
  • VR Enhanced Cities
  • Crossfire: The Sierra Squad
  • Light Brigade
  • High cosmonos
  • Hello Neighbor Search and Rescue
  • Jurassic World Aftermath مجموعة Collection
  • VR Whip Pistol
  • Zenith: The Last City
  • after the fall
  • tentacle

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