Police are searching for witnesses who were at the scene before the fatal crash at Sandness-Viji

Police are searching for witnesses who were at the scene before the fatal crash at Sandness-Viji
Fatal accident: A motorcyclist died in a car accident in Sandnas on Friday night.

A motorcyclist was killed Saturday night in a car crash in Astrakhan. Now the police are forcing witnesses to report.


– The investigation has received new information. So we go out and call many more witnesses who witnessed the pre-crash incidents, ”said Arne Sindre Gilje, head of investigation for the VG on Saturday morning in a joint criminal case in the Southeast Police District.

Anyone who notices anything is asked to call the police at 51 89 90 00.

The accident was reported to police at 23.11pm on Friday night. A car and a motorcycle collided on County Road 516 in the direction of Watnekrosen on E39, following the Astrod Tunnel.

Police have confirmed that the 30-year-old man who was driving the motorcycle died at 03.59 pm on Saturday.

– Imagine what happened

– We are not one hundred percent sure who the deceased is, but we have an idea about it. Relatives of the person we believe was pronounced dead, Kilje says.

– What did the investigation so far reveal?

– We don’t want it to go out yet, but we have an idea of ​​what might have happened. We are now conducting witness interviews throughout the day and will continue to do so on Sundays. Someone has posted since we left, but we want to talk more.

The driver is not charged

So far, the investigation has revealed that the car and the motorcycle went in the same direction towards E39 from the Watney side. The accident happened at the Astrod exit. The driver was not charged and his driver’s license was not confiscated after the incident.

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Kilje further told Vijay that police arrived at the scene on Saturday night with the accident team of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and conducted a forensic investigation.

– We are now conducting a tactical investigation. In the first case, he says, it will continue beyond Saturdays and Sundays.

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