Police, Bergen | Walked through the light rail tunnel: – definitely causing problems

Police, Bergen |  Walked through the light rail tunnel: – definitely causing problems

At 04:00 on Sunday night, two men, aged 21 and 29, ended up in Filingsdalen after sleeping in Paibanen. Not looking forward to the pedestrian and cycle path through Løvstakken Opens before springBoth chose to take the light rail tunnel from Fyllingsdalen to Kristianborg.

Johansen says the two men were spotted on surveillance cameras. As they emerged from the nearly three kilometer long tunnel, a patrol was ready to greet them.

– It is not legal. Of course, this causes problems for Bibanon, and it is dangerous for them.

The operations manager said Bybanon was informed immediately, but no lines should have been running at the time in question. Both men will be declared to have entered the tunnel.

Full and luxurious

The evening started at midnight when the police found a party in Ytre Sandviken that had to be stopped. Police said they received reports of fights and brawls in the street.

Patrols at the site were able to restore peace and order, the host was ordered to stop the guests and the party goers were evacuated from the area.

Otherwise, two people have been arrested for drunkenness overnight.

A 22-year-old man became belligerent outside a nightclub in Håkonsgaten. The operations manager says he was arrested when he couldn’t follow orders or take care of himself.

The 28-year-old also had to spend the night against a man on patrol in Knarvik, North Hartland.

Johannesen says the latter will be reported for harassing a public official.

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At 0221, police received a report of a woman in her 20s who allegedly threw glasses at a large television screen measuring approximately 100 inches. It must have taken place in a nightclub on Valkendorfsgaten.

– There is some disagreement as to what should have happened. But the police were on the scene, and the woman could report the damage to the nightclub.

Suspicious guy with flashlight

At 0641 police went to Stølesmauet. Residents called and reported a suspicious person with a flashlight, Johannesen says.

Police arrived at the scene and located the man shortly after.

– Then he wandered into a shed. It can be said that he was caught red-handed.

The man was also said to be in possession of several knives. Operations Manager Johannesen tells BA that the man has been fired.

He will be charged with carrying a knife and trespassing on someone else’s property.

They burned the fire extinguisher

A fire alarm was sounded at a hotel in the city center at 0430.

It was eventually revealed that two guests in one of the rooms had set off the fire detector, damaging the equipment as well.

Police tweeted that both were taken for medical reasons and reported.

The police also had to issue a simplified summons to the motorist on 0230. The driver preferred to take a shortcut via the Sydneytunnel, which is clearly signposted to public transport.

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