June 8, 2023


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Police deny finding British journalist dead in Amazonas - VG

Police deny finding British journalist dead in Amazonas – VG

Missing: British freelance journalist Dom Phillips walks through the woods in this photo from November 2019. Photo: Joao Laet/AP

Brazilian police have said that reports that British journalist Dom Phillips and indigenous expert Bruno Pereira have been found dead are incorrect.


It is the Reuters reports that quoted the Brazilian police.

Earlier on Monday, Phillips’ wife told G1 that the missing were found dead. This was not confirmed by the Brazilian authorities.

Police now refute reports that the missing have been found dead in the Amazon, and say they are untrue.

Police said in a statement that they had found only assets belonging to the missing persons.

Watchman She reported, however, that the Brazilian ambassador to the UK assured the Philips family that two bodies had been found in a remote part of the rainforest that they believed to be Philips and Pereria.

“He said he wanted us to know they had found two bodies,” Paul Sherwood, Phillips’ brother-in-law, told the newspaper.

Beto Marupu, a prominent local leader in the Javari Valley, tells The Guardian that local search teams have not confirmed the two bodies have been found, which appears to refute the ambassador’s statements, along with those of the police.

Phillips and Pereira were last seen on Sunday morning a week ago. Then they were deep in the Brazilian rainforest, on their way to Atalaia do Norte in the northwestern part of Brazil, near the border with Peru.

The Brazilian authorities searched for the missing by plane, boat and land. Phillips and Beeraria disappeared in an area where there were a number of violent clashes between fishermen, fishermen and government representatives, and where smuggling occurs.

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Search: There has been an extensive search for the British journalist and Aboriginal expert who disappeared in early June.

He must have received threats

On Tuesday, a man was arrested in connection with the disappearance, who was said to have threatened the journalist prior to the disappearance.

The arrested man has been identified as Amarildo “Pelado” da Costa de Oliveira.

He is said to have threatened Phillips, Pereira and 13 people belonging to a local indigenous group on Saturday – the day before the disappearance. According to the Associated Press, he must have been armed during the threats.

It is alleged that witnesses saw “Pelado” follow behind Phillips and Pereira’s boat when the two were on their way to Atalaia de Norte.

A few days after learning of the arrest, there was news that he is Finding traces of blood on the arrested boat.

Work for the Guardian newspaper

Phillips has worked for the British newspaper The Guardian for many years, working from Brazil for more than ten years.

In his work, Phillips covers many threats to the world’s largest Amazon rainforest: among others About critical forest firesAround Gold prospectors illegally destroying indigenous areas and about Cows that eat rainforests.

Experienced Journalist: Dom Phillips has worked for many years at The Guardian and has worked from Brazil for over ten years. Filmed here in 2019 with locals in Brazil’s Roraima state.

On Saturday wrote, clothes belonging to Pereira and Philips were found Watchman.

This news did not come after many days of learning that traces of blood had been found on the arrested man’s boat.

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We know this about the course of events:

  • For several weeks before disappearing Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira are said to have received threats. According to Univaja, these matters have been reported to the police. On Saturday, they were threatened by armed men.
  • Sunday They stopped in São Rafael to meet a local leader. The topic was the patrols undertaken by the indigenous communities in cooperation with others who lived along the rivers of the forest.
  • It’s 06:00 On Sunday they were to follow the river from São Rafael to Atalaia do Norte. The journey takes about two hours.
  • they became last note In the village of Sao Gabriel a little further from the river. The boat passed by the small river community.
  • Since they never arrived, Univaja sent the first research crews It’s 14.00 Sunday. No trace has been found yet.
  • Monday The Brazilian military said it had sent seven people and a boat to search for the missing.
  • Tuesday The Brazilian police opened an investigation into the case.
  • A man has been arrested Wednesdayis suspected after making threats against Phillips, Pereira and a group of indigenous people.