Police in London will investigate ‘Partygate’ – VG

Police in London will investigate 'Partygate' - VG
Problems: Prime Minister Boris Johnson

London/Oslo (VG) Several social gatherings at the Prime Minister’s residence and in the government building may be in violation of Britain’s Corona measures, and will be investigated. VG has received confirmation from the police in London.


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under severe pressure after this emerged Attended several concerts in 2020 and 2021, which are out of number limits, during the UK’s first and strict lockdown period.

We will investigate several cases. Some of the same cases are also part of the investigation that the bureaucracy is now conducting around these gatherings, but we are looking at this from different perspectives, a Greater London Police spokesperson explained to VG.

London Police Chief Cressida Dick says they understand that people are concerned about what happened.

I fully understand that there is a deep public concern about the accusations that have been reported in the media in recent weeks, you say in connection with the investigation.

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in a Press release on the police websiteIt is emphasized that there are a large number of issues, other than those previously mentioned, which will now be investigated.

On Tuesday, the police submitted an official request to the Cabinet Office to submit all relevant information collected from its accident investigations to the police, in order to support the police investigation.

at the same time a The investigation of parties led by the bureaucracy Sue Gray. Its report was expected to arrive this week, but it was delayed as a result of police investigations. Sky News reports.

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They wrote that the publication of the report would not be made public until after the police investigation was completed. Furthermore, they wrote that Gray’s investigation will continue for the time being.

Big dog and small dog: Prime Minister Boris Johnson appears to be taking lightly the accusations that he is a “big dog”, by smiling at paparazzi as they made their way out with his puppy Dylan early last Monday.

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– Now he has to retire

VG spoke to two elected representatives of the opposition Labor party, whom we met in Westminster in London, near Parliament, saying the following:

He must withdraw, admit to violating the procedures and laws. He is hiding behind the fact that there will be an investigation report for tactical reasons. But ordinary people are fed up, his position is untenable.

No one is above the law, not even the prime minister. He introduced these rules and therefore it is very important that he follow them, Justin Maders of the Labor Party.

Fellow party member Stephen Kinnock wonders why it took so long.

– The police should have opened an investigation long ago. The crimes took place at the heart of the British government. Now we have to conduct an independent investigation, Kinnock says.

– Do you think he can keep the job?

– I don’t suspect a thing with him. He is the “Houdini” of British politics. He’s been in a lot of trouble before. But his moral integrity was completely destroyed. If he has one honest bone in his body, he pulls out, he keeps going.

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Double standards

Several of his members are now asking Johnson to resign as prime minister, but he has so far shown no sign of doing so.

Among other things, several of his party colleagues in Parliament sent letters to the so-called 1922 Committee calling for Johnson to be impeached.

At the same time, there were new accusations that the whips in the Conservative Party threatened fellow party members who wanted to propose a vote of no confidence against it.

Ordinary people in London, who themselves have had to go through strict measures, are being vilified at Johnson and other politicians who throw parties.

They impose other strict measures, but do not follow them themselves. It’s double standards. Everyone should follow the rules, construction worker Peter tells VG on the street in London.

– We have just been informed that the Prime Minister will be investigated by the police. What do you think that?

– Yes, that’s right. They must be held accountable. Many ordinary people were punished. Politicians are not above the law. They have power only because the people have given them power.

“Party Gate”

Many media outlets refer to the case complex as a “party street”.

The worst revelation is that Boris Johnson was at a garden party, where guests were asked to bring their own alcoholic drinks, at the Prime Minister’s Residence during the UK’s first lockdown.

In addition, about 30 Downing Street advisers and officials gathered on April 16 last year – The day before Prince Philip’s funeral. Johnson is not believed to have been present, as he was at the Prime Minister’s country home in Buckinghamshire.

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Johnson, albeit somewhat tepidly, apologized for not attending the garden party. The apology did not come until a picture from the party found its way to the newspaper Watchman.

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