Police in Surfsburg shoot dead a man – confirmed dead – Viji

Police in Surfsburg shoot dead a man - confirmed dead - Viji

SARPSBORG (VG) Police have shot dead a man in Surfsborg in connection with an armed operation. The Special Cell opens the investigation and says the case has a higher priority.


Armed police withdrew after receiving information about an incident around 8 a.m. Saturday.

When the police arrived, a tense and tense situation arose, forcing the police to open fire. On-site staff immediately began life-saving first aid. Unfortunately, this did not succeed, and the man was pronounced dead shortly afterwards, the Eastern Police District wrote in a news release Saturday afternoon.

The incident took place in Valaskjold in Surfsborg.

– There was an incident where a policeman opened fire on a person. Life-saving first aid was done later, but unfortunately could not save lives, task force Frod Peterson tells Viji at 11 p.m.

– What is the background to what happened?

– I can not enter it now.

Police confirm to Viji that the victim was the same person. Police have not yet determined the victim’s age or whether he was armed. Relatives were not notified.

The special unit confirms to Viji that they are attached to the case. Gribose arrived at the site at 11 p.m.

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Heard four shots

17-year-old Thea Horgan tells Viji that she heard the noise early Saturday morning.

– I was in bed at 7-8 and then I heard four shots. I didn’t think much about it, until I got off at eight and saw that there were several ambulances outside, she says.

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As she went outside, she saw a man on the ground, many of whom were rescuing him. A helicopter also arrived at the scene.

An hour later she went out again and found the man covered with plastic. Then a policeman told her to go back inside and instead she followed from the window. Then a tent was set up over the dead.

Although Harjan already knew that there might be scenes she heard, she thought she might be wrong.

– I believed it was something else. It was amazing. I didn’t expect this to happen, she says.

– Heard a thunderclap

– Heard a noise outside and thought it was an explosion. It sounded like a construction machine throwing stones at the ground, a resident near the site tells Viji.

The person wants to be anonymous.

Police have cordoned off parts of County Road (Tuneween) from Tune Prestigard to the intersection in Herbergwein. Surfsborg Orbiterplot.

Filecaseway 118 is closed to traffic, and the newspaper writes that motorists need to find alternatives.

– Very traumatic

A witness who went through that immediately after the incident described the situation as very unpleasant.

– I was so scared, says the witness to Viji.

The person wants to be anonymous.

– This is very shocking. I have never experienced anything like this before. I think this is absolutely disgusting.

The person involved says that it is very scary that something like this could happen in Surfport.

– This should not happen. This is very sad.

WALASKZOLT: A man was shot dead by police Saturday morning in Walskjold in Surfsborg.

Investigate today

The Special Cell for Police Cases confirms to Viji that it is linked to the investigation of the Gripos case.

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Liv Ian Viji, the head of the intelligence department, told investigators that investigators had come to Surbes to investigate the incident. During the day, they will be interrogated by the police at several professional pensions.

– This case is of high priority as it ended in death. That is why an immediate investigation was launched. Says Ian.

– We will investigate more officers today. The exact number is a bit unclear, he adds.

Have arrived at the scene

Xian says bureau investigators were at the scene and will now investigate those involved in the incident.

He says several police officers were at the scene at the time of the shooting.

– As far as we know, there were many officers on the site. We will investigate any witnesses. We need to find out if there were any other witnesses to this incident, Ian says.

The incident was reported to the special unit immediately and it was decided to start an investigation immediately.

– When it comes to shooting and why and how it happened, we can’t say anything. Our investigation will map this out in the best possible way.

Although we have completed the most important inquiries tonight or tomorrow, we will not go into the details of this case, she says, showing that it may be related to time-consuming sub-investigations.

Shock: Mayor Cindere Martinson EVJ says the municipality is ready to help when needed.

Mayor: – Shakes the local community

Surfsborg Mayor Cindere Martinson-EVJ suffers death.

– This is a serious incident. It is clear that this has rocked the local community like Surfsborg, he tells Viji.

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The mayor says he does not know much about the incident than what has been reported in the media. He knows the municipality is ready to help if needed.

At 10.25am, the mayor tells VG that the police have now notified the municipality and that there is a crisis team in the municipality of Surfsborg that can help those in need.

Gripos promises to help with their case, but does not want to comment further.

– The intelligence unit is responsible for the investigation of this case and they will handle the flow of information themselves, says Jonas Fabridius Christopherson, the news officer at Gribose Viji.

The Eastern Police District says the officers involved are being taken care of by colleagues and managers.

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