Police, Law Enforcement | A large drone was observed over a Swedish nuclear power plant

Police, Law Enforcement |  A large drone was observed over a Swedish nuclear power plant

The drone was seen in Forsmark at around 8 p.m. Friday. At the same time, flying objects were reported over Ringhals nuclear power plants on the west coast and Oskarshamen in the southeast, and eventually a possible drone was reported at the decommissioned Barsebäck nuclear power plant in Skåne.

However, on Saturday morning police said that no two drones were seen in Barsebäck or Ringhals, and that information about Oskarshamn is still under investigation, according to reports. Swedish media.

He disappeared into the frost

A ranger in Forsmark called the police after the drone flew over the facility within the cordoned off area. The drone was a larger model that can withstand the wind as it blows so hard in the area.

The police moved in and were able to spot the drone before it flew and disappeared towards Gräsö Island in the Swedish archipelago.

– We spent time trying to locate him, but were never able to find him again, says press spokeswoman Petra Blomqvist at the Central Police.

She says the incident is very special.


According to the police, there are no indications that the drone dropped anything on the area or the ground. The accident was reported as a violation of civil aviation law and an illegal depiction of an area not accessible to the public, and where special rules apply. No one is currently suspected.

Forsmark is located 140 km north of Stockholm on the east coast of Sweden. The Ringhals nuclear power plant is located in Varberg on the Swedish west coast, while Oskarshamn is located on the east coast, 300 kilometers south of Stockholm.

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