Police operation in Sweden – Millehougan suspected of being in a house – VG

Police operation in Sweden - Millehougan suspected of being in a house - VG
On the way out: Stick Millehougan is leaving Trondheim prison on Wednesday morning.

Göteborgsposten writes that the Swedish police carried out a police operation in Norra Bohuslän.


According to the Swedish newspaper, the suspect in the double murder is suspected to be a Norwegian Stick Millehaugan in a house in Nora Bohuslan on the west coast of Sweden.

The move took place Friday night.

– A woman who lives at the newspaper address says that the Swedish police were here.

Trudeau Maran Buான்s, a police inspector in the Oslo police district, confirms to VG that an operation took place in Sweden.

– We are cooperating with the Swedish Police to follow the information provided by the Police. This was verified with a negative result, she writes in a text message.

Buanes did not want to elaborate on what information the police provided.

Millehaugen He has been wanted since He did not return after a six-hour break from Trondheim prison on Wednesday.

Immediately the police sounded the national alarm. Over the next few hours, the search for the 53-year-old detainee intensified.

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Prison Manager: – Still thinks it’s right to give Millehougan leave

Although he has escaped from prison several times before, he is being held in custody for murder and is considered a dangerous man.

Millehaugen has spent the rest of his adult life in prison After being convicted of car theft, burglary and armed robbery.

In 2012, he was sentenced to 21 years in prison, Young Guns leader Mohammed “Jedi” Javed’s most severe punishment by law for premeditated murder. The minimum term was fixed at ten years. He has always denied criminal guilt.

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He has been in Trondheim prison for the past ten years.

Investigations so far indicate that Millehaugen boarded a flight from Værnes Airport to Oslo Airport around 12 a.m. Wednesday. Wednesday night as described by VG, Police said the plane was also taken to Oslo Central Station.

Yesterday morning, police conducted a search A major police operation in Winterbro.

Millehaugen is wanted internationally by Interpol. The Organization for International Cooperation for International Cooperation (IOCD) provides a detailed explanation of Millehauhan’s appearance and what he is guilty of.

The case is being updated

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