Police received a video of a Glimt fight – VG

Police received a video of a Glimt fight - VG
Basktro: Bodo/Glimt coach Kjetel Knutsen and Roma goalkeeper coach Nuno Santos have both been suspended until UEFA makes a final decision after the tunnel basketball game after the match between them.

Production company NEP says the video showing the noise on Aspmyra has been removed from its servers, but police say they have now received the video from Glimt and UEFA.


The video was allegedly delivered by the production company The incident will surface between Bodo/Glimt coach Kjetel Knutsen and Roma goalkeeper coach Nuno Santos. To UEFA – before they deleted it from their servers.

– When we do this type of task, we do it on behalf of the client, with certain protocols that we must follow. We handed it over to UEFA, and then took it all off with us, as the TV bus takes on new tasks, says Terje Røijen-Hammer, production company sales manager at production company NEP to VG.

Police lawyer Trond Laxelfog in Nordland Police District says Dagbladet Tuesday morning they received the video.

– Glimt received it from UEFA as a status document. When we found out, we called Glimt and got the video half an hour, three-quarters of an hour before, Lakselvhaug tells VG at about 12.35.

He says they received several videos from UEFA, including a redacted version with arrows and text, as well as a raw, unedited hand file. Recording takes several minutes and the player’s tunnel appears before, during and after the event.

– We don’t want to comment on any details of the incident itself, Laxelfog says – and they say they won’t hand over the video until the investigation is over.

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The police investigate the case further, but do not think that there will be any result to Match against Roma on Thursday.

– There are a lot of people we want to talk to who are in Roma right now, so it’s likely that we only talk to them after the game. In the end we have to decide if we want to interrogate someone from Rome as well, but it takes longer.

Bodø/Glimt’s general manager, Frode Thomassen, says the video was sent as part of the evidence after Knutsen’s comment on Monday.

The video is pivotal because, according to Bodo/Glimt, it will prove Knutsen’s innocence in basketball game after game Thursday last week.

According to Knutsen, he was provoked throughout the match by Roma goalkeepers coach Santos, and the confrontation escalated into the player’s tunnel after the match. According to Glimt, Santos must have strangled Knutsen, thus defending himself by putting the Roma coach on the ground.

Everything was captured on camera, according to Bodo/Glimt.

We don’t have the options to post or share. We give what we have to the client and then they can go ahead with it, and they say they will also produce the rematch on Thursday, Røijen-Hammer says.

Glimt has appealed Knutsen’s temporary suspension, and general manager Frode Thomassen told VG on Monday that UEFA had been unable to view the video.

We will argue well and steadfastly that judgment cannot stand. We have a strong expectation that when the issue is clarified and spoken to UEFA, we will change the referee. We’re really anticipating that,” Thomassen told VG.

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The European Football Association (UEFA) decided on Monday evening that Knutsen and Santos are temporarily suspended Waiting for a final decision. Gilmet described the decision as “shocking” and strongly demanded that the video of the incident be made public.

We have sent all the materials to UEFA. The procedure is to refuel (delete) the materials from our servers when they are freshly delivered. The production bus has new missions the day after the match. The video’s point of contact is the UEFA press department, NEP Managing Director Morten Ase tells VG.

VG was in contact with UEFA on Monday afternoon. They did not want to confirm or deny their possession of the video due to ongoing investigations, and referred to the press release confirming the temporary suspension of Knutsen and Santos.

Glimt leads 2-1 after the first game.

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