Police, search operation | The 15-year-old is missing — now he is dead

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The 15-year-old from Hurstot has been missing since Thursday night.

Updated: 15-year-old found dead.

– Missing 15-year-old boy lying dead at sea outside Carbo. The Troms Police District writes on Twitter that the discovery was made by a Coast Guard team through a ROV search.

To inform relatives.

Missing since Friday

Police in Troms have launched a major search operation after a 15-year-old was reported missing on Friday.

The missing person is Gabriel Strode of Hurstad. Police are now going out with names, photos and signals in hopes of getting tips in this case.

– Gabrielle 193-194 cm tall, with blue eyes and curly hair, says Kim Botswick at Hurstad Police Station iHarstad:

Great resources

The 15-year-old was last seen on Thursday, October 7, 2130 in Hurdikpatkaya / Larsnest, in the center of Hurstadt. He was traveling.

– We have great resources. Both boats and divers have been stopped from the Troms, and we are contacting volunteers, Botswick says.

Police work from multiple theories about what might have happened.

– Works in parallel with intelligence and investigation against many hypotheses about what might have happened.

If you have clues in the case, contact the police at Tel: 02800.

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