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Three people were involved in a traffic accident on the E18 when a careless driver swerved into the oncoming lane.

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At around a quarter to ten on Thursday evening, police in Aktor reported a traffic accident involving three cars on the E18, in which the driver of one car fled the scene.

After more than an hour, police said they caught the driver.

– The driver will be arrested and produced for medical examination. The police have registered a case and are investigating.

Acter Police District Operations Manager Lynn Andreson previously told VG that two patrol cars were following the car prior to the crash.

To escape the accident

– We first had a civil service car that came behind and observed driving behaviour. Based on this, they sought the assistance of another patrol car to stop the car, the operations manager says.

Police were hot on car E18.

Two cars met them on the way. It braked first to avoid a collision, but was unable to clearly swerve the car behind and drove straight into the car in front.

– The patrol interrupted the pursuit here to check on the occupants of the two cars. The car then continued on the E18 in an unknown direction, Andresen says.

Three people were injured

Several emergency services rushed to the scene of the accident. Someone in the car first braked suddenly. An ambulance took the driver to the emergency room due to neck pain.

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There were two people in another car.

– The extent of their damage is unknown. As far as I know, Andresen says it wasn’t serious, but it was 90-zone on the spot.

Traffic was diverted at the scene of the accident.

Reduced access to the Swedish Road Transport Center site.

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