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En rød bil ligger i det som ser ut som en bekk, i bunnen av en snødekt bakke. Det er mørkt, og lyset fra mobilen som tar bildet, samt en bil som står utenfor bildet, lyser opp snøen i hvitt og gult. Bak elven og bilen er det mørk skog, også dekket i snø.

Norway’s southern and eastern parts are experiencing rough driving conditions after heavy snowfall on Friday and Saturday morning.

Norwegian Public Roads Administration also warns against demanding driving conditions.

– It snowed more than expected last night, and it’s still snowing. Vegtrafikken st tells NRK Traffic that if you are not comfortable driving in the snow you should leave the car.

  • In Asmaløy in Hvaler municipality, a car went off the county road in Rød. Recovery is on the way.
  • Many roads in Senja have been closed due to avalanche risk.
  • On the Tangerud-Hvam via E6, a truck is parked in the direction of Hvam up to Djupdalen. The traffic goes in a field.

Her You can find more traffic reports from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

Vegtrafiksentralen writes that plow crews work full-time in eastern Norway. They encourage you to get out of the car if possible.

Screenshot from Twitter.

Photo: Vegtrafikksentralen st

Summer tires stuck trailer

At 08 o’clock a car went on the road in Askar. The two men in the car were taken to the emergency department, where they appeared to be critically injured.

An hour ago, police wrote on Twitter that a truck with a summer tire on the E6 leaving Oslo was stuck.

– The car is driven on summer tires and there is no chain. Therefore, the driver will be informed about this. The train has now been towed, says Rune Hecklestrand, operations manager for the Oslo Police District.

He emphasizes the importance of driving with the right tiresDays like this.

According to the Meteorological Department, the snowfall will continue throughout the day with rain, but will subside in the evening.

Many trucks with stops

Brake fluid leaked from the truck on the E6, Hekkelstrand reports.

Already many trucks are parked on the highways today. The operations manager says police expect this to continue throughout the day.

– Two stops of trucks parked today and not recovered.

Screenshot Twitter Vegtrafikksentralen st.  They write in three tweets: 1. E6 Tangerud-Hvam.  A truck was stopped at Dijuptalen in the direction of Hwam.  The traffic goes in a field.  2. E6 Patterødkrysset.  Conflict in the direction of Surfsborg.  Stops a truck.  3. E6 Patterødkrysset.  Conflict in the direction of Surfsborg.  Closed.  Currently two trucks are parked.

Screenshot from Twitter.

Photo: Vegtrafikksentralen st

After 9 p.m., Eastern Police wrote on Twitter that two trucks were stuck in Mosportan.

– Are there calls for motorists on the roads?

– As always, you must drive according to the conditions. This applies throughout the year, but especially on days when it is snowing today.

Snow all day

Håkon Mjelstad, a meteorologist at the Meteorological Agency, says the NRK can expect snow beyond Saturday.

– Occasional snowfall in most places. It seems now that there will be more snow in the eastern parts of the Akhtar and Oslo Fjord. Mjelstad says there will be more snow in the Mjø area today.

In western Norway, south of Staten, there will be building weather throughout the day.

– Rainfall is accompanied by rain on the beach and snow on the inland and highlands. If it snows and rains, there will be mild weather throughout the day, the meteorologist said.

From Vesterålen to Nordkapp, there will be building weather on Saturday.

– A little wind is blowing and we will send a blizzard warning in the morning. It will snow especially in the outer areas. Here, too, things are a bit easier, says Mjelstad.

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