Policeman found dead – Viji

Policeman found dead - Viji
Two dead: Police have launched a homicide investigation after two people were found dead in a house in Golpot.

A 40-year-old married couple was found dead in a house in Golpot on Wednesday night. One of the dead was a policeman.


Police and an ambulance left at 01.16am after the AMK reported a serious incident at a house in Golpot.

At the scene, they found the two men with serious injuries, including their husband and wife.

The Eastern Police District has launched a murder investigation into the deaths.

The deceased had a long background in policing and is now working at the Police Academy.

– This is a sad case, our thoughts naturally go to the family, friends and colleagues affected by the deaths. Runner Gvernon, a press officer at the Police Academy, tells Viji that the staff at the Police Academy are now being taken care of in accordance with the procedures we have.

Gvernon says they will assist the police district if needed.

No criminal record

The deceased woman had worked in the health service for a long time and was now employed by the municipality, according to Viji.

The deceased has served in the police force for many years, among others at Sokorim, a special unit for police affairs and now at the Police Academy.

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Police say the two victims have no criminal record and have no information to indicate the presence of other individuals in the incident.

– Relatives were notified, and the couple’s children are being cared for by a close family, police attorney Nina Martinson said in a statement.

– Very sad incident

Police have been working at the scene since Wednesday morning and are conducting forensic investigations at the home.

The mayor of Nordre Follo, Hanne Opdan, told VG that the incident affected many in the local community.

– This is a profound tragedy that affects many in our local environment. My thoughts go to relatives and everyone affected. Opton tells Viji that the municipality’s crisis team takes the best care of relatives and their surroundings.

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