Polina Porizkova: – Anger at the plastic surgeon

Polina Porizkova: - Anger at the plastic surgeon

Former model Polina Porizkova (56) She is one of the most famous supermodels in the world, and she peaked in the 80’s and 90’s. The model is known for her homage to the natural look, and has never hidden that she’s getting older, too.

Now she is seriously facing a plastic surgeon who thought she should perform surgery and fix a lot on her face.

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The 56-year-old was browsing Instagram when she came across a post from a plastic surgeon. The surgeon published a lengthy leaflet indicating all the flaws on her face and the procedures she should take to fix them.

He writes that he is causing the model’s anger on Instagram People.

– I found this picture of me, which I posted here before, in which I thought I looked good, reposted by a plastic surgeon. The surgeon discussed in detail what I needed, opened the post with him.

Moreover, Porizkova recalled all the interventions she recommended.

My cheeks could do better with fillers, botox for the forehead, wrinkles on the side of the mouth and neck, and a full range of laser treatments to smooth and tighten it all.

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– This is what an older woman has to deal with in public. I’ve been told that my face needs to be “fixed” and that it somehow “mistakes” with age. Is it any wonder that most of us with the means resort to some form of fixing what we are told is broken? continued in the position.

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After that the plastic surgeon’s post was removed.

Because despite her natural appearance, the former supermodel admits she’s had treatments that don’t penetrate the skin or tissues, like lasers.

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