Polina Porizkova: – joint crying photo:

Polina Porizkova: - joint crying photo:

swedish czech Polina Porizkova (56) He was in the 80s and 90s among the most famous supermodels in the world, featuring a number of magazine covers and featured fashion shows throughout his long career.

However, 2019 has been a tough year for the model, who lost her ex-husband, rock star Rick Okasik, to heart disease. She was the one who found him dead.

Last week, she shared a photo on Instagram tears from his face, as well as a longer text in which she wrote that she felt “cheated.”

She did not explain why, but there are several indications that it was a genetic compromise of the ex-spouse that she was referring to. In 2019, it was I learned that she did not take any of the inheritance after him. The two were married for 28 years before the previous year ended.

“I did not leave anything to my wife Paulina, because we are in the middle of a divorce. If I were to die before our divorce, she would not have the right to anything because she left me,” it was stated in the will.

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– accused of being a narcissist

In a new Instagram post from the weekend, the 56-year-old said she has been criticized for the cryptic, emotionally charged post.

She writes: “Some of my friends accused me of being a narcissist for posting my feelings on Instagram so I could get attention and get my ass kissed by sycophants.”

Furthermore, she denies that she was seeking sympathy in the wake of the script.

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“I’m here because I’m trying to get rid of my shame. I share thoughts and feelings I’m ashamed of. I’m ashamed and sad, heartbroken. I’m ashamed of being sick. I’m ashamed of getting old. I’m ashamed of being a judgmental bitch,” she wrote.

rest time

Porizkova also lists a number of other things she is ashamed of. In conclusion, she wrote that sharing her weaknesses helps make her less shy, and more receptive to who she is.

It was not the death of the ex-husband and his deletion of the will that affected the ex-model.

Earlier this year she managed to Show off her new flame During the Oscars, screenwriter Aaron Sorkin. However, it was a brief affair, as she was able to report this summer that they had gone their separate ways.

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