Polish and Norwegian love story over queer dishes sparks reactions in Polish society – NRK Trøndelag

Polish and Norwegian love story over queer dishes sparks reactions in Polish society – NRK Trøndelag

“The Norwegian Dream” is a love story between two young people who meet across Polish and Norwegian cultures.

The movie did not come without reactions.

Feedback in the Polish environment

With about 120,000 Poles in Norway, it is one of the largest minorities in the country. And on the Polish Facebook page “Dzieje się w Norwegii”, translated as: “This is happening in Norway”, the trailer was shared and caused strong reactions.

The Facebook page has 24,000 followers.

– There were many rude comments. Very homophobic. Director Lev Igor Devold said that the reviews for the film.

He himself is half Polish, half Norwegian.

In the comments field, you will find more than 480 comments and opinions about the content of the movie. Certain texts here translated into Norwegian: “Thank you, my eyes are bleeding”, “It is this film that insults us Poles” and “It is unbearable”.

Others commented, “This whole concept of the movie is disastrous bullshit” and “He made a movie about citizens who lost their lives overseas, not some bastard.”

The filmmakers say it is an entertaining love movie that is suitable for a wide audience.

Photo: Patryk Kin/Spætt Film AS

But there are also many positive comments and feedback. Many people have written that they are looking forward to seeing the film and that Poland is very proud of making such films.

– Common, about 50-50. The director explains that this is the case in Poland.

Since 2015, there has been what he calls the undermining of democratic institutions. She has also outgrown women’s rights, abortion rights, as well as LGBT rights.

Precisely for this reason, the filmmakers believe it is an important topic to address.

– I welcome the discussion, standing in this storm and hoping someone will change their mind, adds Harvard producer Wetland Josie.

– First of all, I am happy to share this love story. At the bottom, says Dievold, is the story that love is the most important thing.

Robert Wayfar in Norwegian Dream.

In Poland, the filmmakers are predicting that “Norwegian Dream” will not do well in cinemas. – People are afraid to appear in strange films in the cinema, says director Lev Igor Devold.

Photo: Patryk Kin/Spætt Film AS

Helltrunder, Polish, feature film

The movie was shot in Trøndelag and there are mostly Trøndelag people at work – in front of and behind the camera.

– It’s the first time that a company from Trønder has produced a feature film. Josie says what we were going to make was really fun.

Karl Bekele Steinland of Trunder and Poland’s Hubert Mikowski play the main roles in the film.

Robert, a Polish migrant worker, moves to the coast of Trondelagh and falls in love with his colleague, Ivar, who is openly eccentric. When Ivar supports a strike at the factory, Robert must choose between money he desperately needs or love.

“The message is that it should be safe for everyone, no matter who they are,” Devold says.

Harvard Wetland Jose and Lev Igor Devold.

Producer Harvard Wetland Jose and director Lev Igor Devold tackle taboo topics, which are strange in their own right, in The Norwegian Dream.

Photo: Sunniva Skurtveit/NRK

The film “Norwegian Dream” opened the Trondheim International Film Festival Kosmorama, Monday, March 6th.

– For me personally, this means a huge amount. I’ve been working on this project for 10 years, so my stomach feels tingling now,” Devold says before the premiere.

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