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Thus, it is clear that the government’s proposal for an electricity support level will stand.

This means electricity consumers will be charged 55 per cent of the cost of 70 øre per kilowatt in December and 80 per cent in January, February and March.

SV has previously called for more targeted power support for vulnerable groups, and this is still being negotiated at the Finance Committee in Sorting.

– The Labor Party and the Central Party are very happy that there is a majority in favor of the government shifting the electricity subsidy upwards. Energy and environmental policy spokespersons Derje Asland (Labor) and Ole Andre Myrvolt (Social Democrats) say in a statement that the situation of unusually high electricity prices is important for many.

SV says it is important for them to help those who are most distressed by skyrocketing electricity bills.

– That’s why we are now working on further negotiations in the Finance Committee, “said SV’s Energy and Environmental Policy Spokesman Lars Haldbrucken.

– Uncomfortable

Rødt was not impressed by what all three parties agreed on and believes the government is lagging behind in electricity policy.

– They do not deliver goods. It’s embarrassing that the SV should be a door to this policy, ” says Sophie Marhock, Rodin’s second vice chair of the Energy and Environment Committee.

He points out that in the consolidated package of 3.4 billion, 1.4 billion will cover the outstanding amount in December, because the government thought prices would be lower.

– Now it is very special that the SV has not been able to move the government even an inch even though the power supply has been strengthened, he says.

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Many grips

The most important activities of the electricity package, apart from the direct support on electricity tariff, are summarized by the SV and the government parties as follows:

* Reduced electricity tax (NOK 2.9 billion), increased housing support (NOK 1.2 billion), increased support for students (NOK 96 million), increased support for municipalities for additional expenditure on financial and social assistance (NOK 400 million), support for Enøk – NOK 100 Million) Activities, temporary subsidy to the greenhouse industry: NOK 170 million.

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