Politico: The family asks Biden to fire his aides

Politico: The family asks Biden to fire his aides

Joe Biden, 81, has spent the past few days at Camp David with his wife, Jill, their children and grandchildren. Biden’s performance on Friday night was not well received. In other words, Joe is not to blame.

according to Politico The family is said to have asked Biden to fire or demote his advisers.

Politico spoke to three anonymous sources who were briefed on the family conversations. The sources do not believe Biden will follow that advice anytime soon.

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– He has strong confidence in them.

The blame, for what is safe to say was not a successful discussion, lies among many employees.

These must be:

Anita Dunn, Biden's senior adviser
bob power, Dan is her husband and Biden's personal attorney.
ron klein,
Biden's former chief of staff

According to Politico, Bauer will play Trump, and Klain will lead the debates.

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The aides who prepared the president for the debate have been with him for years and decades, and have watched him through victories and challenges. Biden campaign spokesman Kevin Munoz said in a statement to Politico that he has strong confidence in them.

Not offensive enough

The family's criticisms are said to have been that they did not prepare him enough to attack Trump, and that he was not offensive enough.

The family believed Biden was defending his current term rather than showing what a second term could be like, which they believe he should instead.

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The family also believed Biden was tired and did not get enough rest, Politico wrote.

After the famous debate, many advised Joe Biden to resign. The family also showed their support for the president here.

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