Politics, Election Campaign 2021 | Red on social media crushes all parties

Politics, Election Campaign 2021 |  Red on social media crushes all parties

It may be uncertain what the election rod will look like, but on social media they will win the entire election campaign.

According to Meeting Red crushed other parties on both Facebook and Instagram last month. They are good at posting new content frequently and have more engagement from their followers. The party posts up to three times a day on Facebook and people are not bored.

– We are also concerned about voters outside the election, says the communications manager at Rod Ivor Ostebal.

According to him, the key to their success is that they post several times a day throughout the year – except perhaps on Christmas Eve.

This calculation is Moxness’s dream: red could end up below the barrier again

The losers are the leftists

So there seems to be a clear correlation between a party posts on Facebook and how much they reap the involvement. The left is coming out badly: they are less active, And Has minimal response from its followers. Although they released an average of one record daily during the election campaign. In other words, the competition is strong.

However, the same rule does not apply to persons representing the parties.

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The most famous politicians

Among politicians, FrP leader Sylvie Listack is the most popular on Facebook, in that sense she had the most reactions from her audience. She is not often updated or has more followers, but she gets more response when she posts something. The Prime Minister almost posts, but almost does not make as much fuss as Sylvie.

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Guest teachers take the plunge

The most interested politician on Facebook is Rod, the head of Bizarre Moxness, which had 100 posts last month. Measured in commitment, he is the fourth most popular party leader in Norway.

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