Politics, Hatland | Breaks the cooperation immediately: – continuation is useless

Politics, Hatland |  Breaks the cooperation immediately: – continuation is useless

Conclusion of the cooperation agreement between Gran Arbeiderparti and Gran Senterparti 2019-2023.

The Gran Arbiterparty terminated the cooperation agreement with the Gran Center Party with immediate effect. The reason for the violation is not cooperation challenges with the central party, but is justified in the following situations:

Since the beginning of the 2019/2020 year, the Central Party Committee has been divided on important issues under the Cooperation Agreement. In this context, the group leader/deputy mayor in SP’s municipal council group belongs to the minority. This has made collective dialogue vague and tedious. Several meetings have been held between the parties, in which local party leaders have also participated, in the hope of finding compromises and improving cooperation. It was unsuccessful.

In our assessment, the extended procurement of the Deputy Mayor contributed to a lack of understanding of responsibilities and roles. The minutes, resolution and input submitted by the deputy mayor at the municipal council meeting on 7 March 2023 contained allegations against the mayor and, after an overall assessment, continued cooperation was futile. It is our opinion that the situation as it has been revealed is not only an internal matter between our two parties but also unfortunate for the whole municipality as a body.

The Labor Party Committee will continue to work to realize as much as possible the political issues contained in the Platform for Political Cooperation. In every case, we engage in dialogue with elected officials, regardless of party, who are willing to find solutions and make the necessary compromises to achieve the best possible offer for our citizens.

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We wish to emphasize that the Gran Arbeiderparti will not thereby cancel future cooperation with the Center Party internally. Instead, we are starting with a blank slate in the coming election season and we think it is better to start a renewed, closer and more reliable cooperation between the two parties.

Spruce, 12 March 2023

Board and Municipal Board Committee in Grand Arbiterparty

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