Pollution, Naturvernforbundet | The climate is changing and the driver is man-made emissions. What can science offer in terms of solutions? Technology of course. It is important and right

Pollution, Naturvernforbundet |  The climate is changing and the driver is man-made emissions.  What can science offer in terms of solutions?  Technology of course.  It is important and right

Weekend ideas

As one shouts in the woods

If I walk out the door at home and turn my nose west, I see traces of Svend. Svend was my great uncle. We called it “Great-Svend”. As a child he was a shepherd, and as a young man he did a lot of hunting. He sold grouse on Hemnesberget for a sounding coin. Svend spent his working days in the woods and at the farm mill. He worked in the woods during the winter with a backhoe, saw, and wood shears. Wood became a material on the saw when the winter weather no longer persisted. Logging on the floor was completely out of the question. It would be contrary to the annual rhythm of the farm. He ran the forest on modern principles without any idea of ​​the main species or carbon storage. Svend apply traditional knowledge and intuition. And he was only interested in forest plans and illustration. “Tiuren must have a place to live,” he said as he left a field of an old-growth forest in the middle of the hills. High in the mountains, one must be careful not to cut too hard. “Getting out of the wind from the barren mountains and down into the woods is like putting on your overcoat. And you have to put on the big overcoat!” Then he used to talk about the “journey.” You shouldn’t be kidding about the trip! Svend laughed a lot when he told me about the trip. So it was all confusing for a simple city boy. I never brought with me who or what the flight was. But I have since realized that he was talking about some kind of dwarf. “Rise” as it is called in Boukamal. Resen is a primal force that lurks and lurks out there in the woods and mountains. Exciting and erratic. In the old days, it was not uncommon to spend time explaining to children why nature is dangerous. Instead, the method was to scare the kids with scary stories about supernatural beings they might encounter if they went too far from home. It is possible that this is the type of sphend breeding used. Perhaps he was worried about the little nerd having poor motor skills and thick glasses.

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Norwegian folklore is full of somewhat scary natural creatures. With Christianity, education and modernization, the traditions got into bad conditions. The myths and legends that adults once believed in have been turned into fairy tales for children. But there were exceptions to the rule. In present-day Russia, a kingdom was founded in the 9th century, called the Kingdom of Garda. The Vikings who originated in present-day Sweden conquered areas south of Lake Ladoga. Over time, Scandinavian mythology acquired deep roots in these regions.

Under the tsar, the majority of the population could neither read nor write. Ancient stories from pre-Christian times were passed down orally from generation to generation in the peasant community. In this tradition we find a different kind of journey. It is called “leshii” Leshii is the protector of the forest. She lives in the woods and keeps people at a distance. Leshiien is formidable, but she is still a master of camouflage. It is said that he can hide behind a blade of grass. At the same time, she is incredibly powerful and no human can stand against her. Lumberjacks or hunters who wander far into the woods tend to wear tired disappearances. Then the Lychee are the ones who took them. Humans have overstepped the bounds of what the jungle accepts. If people respect the forest and leshii, then it can bear fruit. There are stories of families who miraculously survived wildfires. They were captured and carried to safety from the flames by a giant with a hairy foliage. Leshiien has a wife and seems to be living a rich and happy life in the woods. Sometimes he and Mrs. Leshi are in a festive mood and take a nap. This explains why gusts of wind appear from time to time in the forests.

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The story of The Lychee or The Journey has good educational points. It is not wise to set out in unfamiliar land without a plan. No matter how rational or well-equipped you are, the forces of nature are not to be joked about. It is never wise to fight with the forces of nature. You will lose. But if you work with the forces of nature, you can reap great benefits. The Huldra is perhaps the most famous of the North’s forestry service. Huldra is gorgeous and alluring to anyone who meets her. Several forest workers struggled to free himself from the charming gaze of the Huldra. If Huldra catches you, she will take you to the rock and you must serve her for the rest of your life. In other words, a sad life. But sometimes the story turns: Huldra falls in love with a human. Then you may want to get married. And if she is baptized and married in a church, her cow’s tail will fall and she will be like us. But she never became fully human. A man who married a mace and ended up in an argument with his wife tested that she straightened a horseshoe with only her fists. Then the Hollow Man made it clear that she loved him and would never hurt him. But Holdera requires respect. Nature requires respect.

In our time, these stories undoubtedly contain something old-fashioned about them. They represent insights into the lifestyle and culture of history. Natural hazards do not characterize our daily lives. We have other things we need to take care of. Huldra has been replaced by Mark Zuckerberg who doesn’t really lure us into the rock, but lures us to the screen and keeps us trapped there. In Kunming and Glasgow, world leaders are trying to find a way out of the nature and climate crisis. Scientists on the Nature Panel and Climate Panel explain the best they can need for action. Biodiversity is being depleted at an alarming rate. The climate is changing and the driver is man-made emissions. looks dark. What can science offer in terms of solutions? Technology of course. It is important and correct. Technology and innovation for a new green future. Then something else. surprising thing. Scientists refer to traditional knowledge. Indigenous peoples are highlighted as role models for the rest of humanity. They manage knowledge and experience that is largely forgotten in the rest of the global community. The key is respect. Respect what lives and the environment around us. The work of scholars and indigenous traditions tell the same story, although the starting points are different. We must find solutions based on nature. Work with nature. not against it. Huldra, Trip and their friends deserve a second chance.

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I wish you a weekend full of adventures!

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