Population figures, right of young people | Cheese grater, it must be returned to the tray

Population figures, right of young people |  Cheese grater, it must be returned to the tray

“No room for budget jokes,” I found this title provocative, why?

opinions This is the topic of discussion. The publication expresses the author’s positions.

because It is a shame to say such a thing, the mixing of budget and financial inefficiency is something this municipality has a long history with almost a professional municipality in the area.

Most We remember “the budget jump in 2014-2015”. Then, among other things, Otterøya’s nursing home had to pay for her life and Otterøy’s school youth stage was hanging by a thread. Now the calm before the storm again.

Knut Storeide contains I was informed that the “cheese grater” should go ahead and find a place in the budget to upgrade / merge HUS and NUS on Namsos.

Now must I am not saying that this directly means that the smaller schools in the municipality will be ‘sacrificed’ or prioritized: I also don’t know what the municipality will do to save this money, but I say this at once to be safe.

There is no talk That some of the school’s offerings should be central, whether they pertain to Bangsund, Oteroya, Statland or Namdalsid. It is not the fault of the locals that Holstad and Tommelstad had to have a new kindergarten, or that the Nexans Building had to be rehabilitated. It’s just a problem, neither the custody nor the Nexan plot will do any good, why? Because the population is declining.

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is at all No wonder or shock, the municipality of Namsos has made itself the city and municipality less attractive for employment and development. By lowering the rating and not engaging in business within the municipality, they have options that are far from the success story of, among others, Nærøysund. Nobody wants to live in a municipality where they cannot be employed.

show us To avoid a crisis compared to 2014/2015, we must demand. Should we really support, election after election, the politicians and parties that actively choose the city and the municipality and not its development?

If the cheese grater I still go ahead and take a few steps into the school and the local schools with me at least I don’t have to sit still in the boat. Now the population has to wake up, is it okay to fight such battles for 10 years? Or should we get a new policy and a new tender in the ranks of the community center.

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