Power, Grid Rental | Now your grid rental changes completely: beware of this risk

Power, Grid Rental |  Now your grid rental changes completely: beware of this risk

Be careful not to run multiple hops at once.

From the New Year, the way your build rent is calculated changes.

Today, phase rentals are divided into two:

  • A fixed period for each month (generally the same for everyone)
  • The price at which one kWh of electricity is supplied, including taxes

Since the New Year, this solution has changed dramatically. The standard connection is replaced by the electricity charge (capacity connection), which is calculated based on the number of hours in a month that you use the most electricity.

The more electricity you use in an hour, the higher the charge.

In addition, there will be a price for the kWh you use. These prices are significantly higher during the day than at night.

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Different solutions from company to company

The plan will vary from company to company, but some of Norway’s largest network providers have teamed up to formulate a basic policy.

So far, giants BKK and Lede, among others, have introduced their models.

– The good news coming from the beginning of the year is that private customers can reduce build rent with simple steps. Avoid washing clothes, preparing dinner and charging the electric car at the same time because they all attract more electricity. Use power tools one after the other, not all at once. Electric cars can be safely charged at night if you use an approved charging socket. But do not use washer, dryer, dishwasher etc. while sleeping at night. Atlee Isaksen, head of phase management and development at PKK Net, says it is important to follow all advice on how to use Power Grid safely.

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Elvia, the largest online provider of all, has not yet come up with its prices, but they assure Netavision that they will follow the same policy.

Determines the hours you spend most

Both Lede and BKK have developed a plan to set the power line in 5 kW steps. If you jump from 4.99 to 5 kW once a month, the electricity tax increases by almost 80 percent.

The whole point of this plan is to save money by making sure you do not skip these steps.

– The main difference is that the standard area you pay today is replaced by the capacity area. This means that those who use more capacity on the power grid will pay more than those who use less capacity, Led writes in a message.

For example, you should avoid charging the electric car while operating both the stove and the hops while making dinner. If the panel heaters, heating cables and water heater are switched on at the same time, the real problem will be.

Note that the build rent is determined Full hour The month when you use the most electricity. This means that it is not directly determined by the small moments with the highest consumption. In practice, that means you are not currently paying too much Effect (kW), but the maximum number of hours per month Consumption (kWh).

The difference is huge: an induction cooker can have a maximum power of more than 7 kWh, and in combination with an oven or kettle, consumption will rise very quickly. But you do not use maximum power for an entire hour.

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Be careful about electric car charging

Moving electric car charging overnight (22-06) is one of the things you can save a lot.

However, keep in mind that the electric car charger can pull up to 22 kW of capacity, depending on what type of charger and car you have. This means that many people will actually experience skill peaks at night. The plan is that it is useful for some to adjust the charging power to prevent it from reaching the new power level.

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