Power Struggle in Norwegian Sport – Disposing of the Legacy

Power Struggle in Norwegian Sport – Disposing of the Legacy

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Marit Bjorn His brilliant career is the story of the cause of Norwegian sport excel internationally. Because this is something more than just a private story of how a girl from a small village in Trondelag can become Best performer ever in the Winter Olympics.

Bjørgen has become an icon of elite Norwegian open sport, but she is not alone. The full list of medals from the adventurous decades past of Norwegian athletes reflects the special things that happened:

  • With a people-driven sports movement, it is possible to be good no matter where you live in the country.

while evacuation From the provinces were disturbingly strong, athletes from the suburbs of Norway continue to beget Disproportionately good.

This means that the Norwegian sport is in the world never They did better.

Synchronized Sports as an everyday culture is stronger than ever across the country. In younger cohorts, local participation sometimes exceeded 90 percent of cohorts.

So it should be a simple lesson for every sport to take care of the clear correct geographical organization that ensured a sporting movement with shows to everyone Everywhere in the country.

Unfortunately, this is not the case.

In the Sports Council that begins today, a just national sport is being challenged again precisely by these private federations that do not understand their own interests.

Instead, he proposes abandoning Marit Bjorgen’s legacy in order to obtain his own power.

Sad before the TV show: – That just ruins Marit Bjorgen

the The same managers have enough chances to realize that they are, in fact, self-destructive.

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Proposal to grant private associations plural The Sports Council thus limiting the influence of the provinces is but a new encapsulation of old attempts to weaken the local administration of the sports movement

In the history of Norwegian sport, there is a historical distinction between those who want to play competitive sport for the sake of competition, and those who are most interested in sport as an effective social tool.

But Marit Bjørgen understands that here in Norway these two considerations are increasingly linked.

It was cut

It was cut

to A few years ago I wrote one Chronicle With soccer superstar Bredie Hangeland just warned about losing everything in Norwegian sport:

I wrote this column to pay tribute to non-professional sports and because the work they did to me meant so muchshe said when it became the post Accused To be a purchased PR stunt:

It’s a way to give back to all the volunteers who work there. Not just to create the best athletes, but not just what they do for the community in terms of physical activity, cohesion, mastery and what you make through sportAnd she continued:

All the positive things that children and young people carry with them throughout their lives, I think those values ​​are incredibly good.

Marit Bjorgen exposed the scandal

Marit Bjorgen exposed the scandal

the It is precisely the challenges facing this popular sport that will dominate the Bergen Sports Council. The big problem here is how the movement will reduce the costs and growing class divide in Norwegian sport.

Such an aspiration as is necessary for an open and affordable sport requires cooperation with society as a whole. This takes place both locally and regionally through joint sports councils and joint sports circuits in cities and regions throughout Norway.

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Then it is impossible to understand that the Board of Directors of the Norwegian Sports Federation Synchronized She suggests to give the Oslo-dominated private federations a majority in the Norwegian Sports Council.

The return of Therese Johaug: It's easier to become a sports hero if you come from the village

The return of Therese Johaug: It’s easier to become a sports hero if you come from the village

today Distribution of power in the Sports Council 75 representatives in the special continental federations and 75 representatives in the geographical sports departments. The new proposal would increase private union representation to 105; A clear first step towards a centralized Norwegian sports movement with more room for privatization and expensive, tailor-made offerings for the best and richest youngsters.

It is the exact opposite of the social challenges that society as a whole hopes sport can help solve.

In this way, the sport instead risks losing broad support across the country.

sarcastic Perhaps a sure way to go is a shift in power toward private unions weaker International results.

The greatest progress in elite sport has been achieved through the decentralization of the Olympic Summit with knowledge-based regional elite sports centers scattered across the country. A project that is often funded by regional authorities.

Simply because, at best, there is still a connection between the top and the show with us.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to this legacy left by Marit Bjorgen.

It's stupid to manage everything from Oslo!

It’s stupid to manage everything from Oslo!

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