Powerful explosions in Kyiv – two people were killed

Powerful explosions in Kyiv - two people were killed

According to the NTB, several nighttime attacks targeted residential areas of the Ukrainian capital. The apartment building that was hit is located in the Svyatoshinsky district, west of the city.

– The country’s rescue service reported that two people were killed and 27 people were rescued France Press agency.

The Ukrainian military said the 16-storey building was hit by an artillery attack.

An apartment building in the Podilsk region was also hit, but no deaths were reported so far.

Kyiv metro post pictures of the damage to the facades in the morning, allegedly as a result of shock waves.

Rescue work: People from the local Fire and Rescue Service try to put out flames in a building after a nighttime attack. Photo: State Emergency Service of Ukraine / Reuters / NTB
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Peace talks continue

New attacks happen before Peace talks continue between the Ukrainian and Russian delegations Today.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed that the talks would continue in a video address tonight, saying that “another difficult day is over, but”:

– He’s close to victory. We are approaching peace for Ukraine, he said, claiming that Ruslan is “confused and surprised” by the opposition they face.

– They began to realize that they will not get anything from this war. Soldiers know this. The officers are aware of this. They are fleeing the battlefield. They are leaving behind their equipment that we are now using to protect Ukraine. Today, in fact, Russia is one of the suppliers to our army, as claimed by Zelensky.

He also praised the employee as Cut the newscast to one of the largest Russian news channels With a poster that read “Stop the war” in Ukraine and “Don’t believe the propaganda.”

This woman was later arrested.

The Ukrainian president finally sent a message to the Russian soldiers asking them to stop the fighting and surrender:

– I offer you a chance to survive.

Nine human corridors

According to Reuters, the goal is Opening nine humanitarian corridors For civilians who want to flee Ukraine today.

And they finally succeeded, Monday, in evacuating an unknown number of civilians, after a number of these attempts ended in disappointment recently.

Poland has taken in about 1.8 million refugees. A Polish border guard spokesman said at least 29,600 people crossed the border yesterday.

There are currently no official figures on how many refugees have remained in Poland and how many have actually traveled to other EU countries.

The case is updated.

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