Pre-trade optimism – bullish from the start

Pre-trade optimism – bullish from the start

Among pre-trading on trading platform IG, Oslo Børs is up 0.5 percent since the start.

Roger Berntsen believes Oslo Borse will open 0.7 percent, or within range [0,5, 0,9] percent.


It is located in Japan Nikki 0.6 percent, and the broadest topixThe index was similarly weak by 0.6 percent.

And so the Japanese stock exchanges continue to fall after yesterday’s surprising move by the Bank of Japan when they chose to keep the key interest rate unchanged at -0.10%. That was expected, but the central bank has also widened interest tolerance on bond purchases to improve market performance: the range in which 10-year government interest can fluctuate is now from plus/minus 0.25 percent to plus/minus 0.50 percent.

Although Japanese stock markets fell immediately after the decision, chief economist Dane Cekov of Nordea Markets thinks it could lead to something positive in the long run.

The yen was the biggest loser among the G10 currencies. Chekov believes that the change from the Bank of Japan could make the yen the winner next year.

goes in China Shanghai boat return 0.1 percent, Hang Seng In Hong Kong, by 0.2 percent, and Cosby in a South Korea It weakened by 0.2 percent.

It is located in India Sensex 0.2 percent, S&P/ASX 200– The index rose in Australia by 1.3 percent, and The Straits Times In Singapore it decreased by 0.2.

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oil price

The price of Brent oil was at $80.05 a barrel on Wednesday morning. barrels by 0.1 percent. West Texas Intermediate crude fell 0.1 percent to $76.18 a barrel. In comparison, the price of a barrel of North Sea oil was $80.39 when the Oslo Borse closed yesterday.

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Wall Street

After a volatile day on Wall Street, all of Wall Street’s leading indices closed in the green on Tuesday.

  • Dow Jones Industrial Average It rose 0.28 percent to 32,849.74 points
  • Standard & Poor’s 500 It rose 0.10 percent to 3,821.62 points
  • Nasdaq It rose by 0.01 percent, to close at 10,547.11 points

The 10-year US government bond yield is 3.69 percent, while the Vix fear index is down 3.35 percent.

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Oslo Stock Exchange

The Oslo Powers remained in the red on Tuesday. The main index closed at 1,185.59, down 0.10 percent.

Nikodet treatments On Tuesday, he presented an expanded clinical development plan for the company’s cancer vaccine. The stock closed down 9.6 percent at 28.90 Norwegian crowns. So far this year, the stock is down more than 60 percent.

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