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Pressekonferanse om koronasituasjonen i Trondheim.

This article is more than a month old and may contain expired advice from the authorities regarding coronary heart disease.

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Not much has been reported so far in Govt-19 in Trentheim. The need for municipality is enormous. Wensey Dehley, director of health and health, said the Corona phone received 500 calls in the first ten minutes of Friday morning.

The municipality of Trondheim held a press conference on Friday afternoon.

In the last 24 hours, 113 new cases of corona have been reported. In addition, approximately 100 positive rapid tests have been recorded, which will now continue with the PCR test.

Of the victims in Trentheim, 88 were between the ages of 20 and 29. Many of the victims were students.

The press conference was about testing and infection monitoring and other measures and solutions to end the widespread epidemic in Troentheim.

– A great pressure

Municipal testing, infection monitoring and isolation pose major challenges for hotels, but work to maximize capacity.

– There is a lot of pressure on those who work on testing and infection monitoring, says Wensey Dehley, director of health and wellness.

Testing stations now work with double shifts. The municipality will increase its test capacity by at least 500 tests daily next week, he says.

Currently the Corona phone is in high demand.

– In the first ten minutes of opening today, the Corona phone received five hundred calls, says Delhi.

Everyone who received a positive PCR test yesterday should have received an SMS from the municipality asking what to do now that they are affected.

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The municipality would like to send an email to those who have a positive test for a quick check at this address.

Giving people a PCR test at home

From next week, people will have a chance to use home testing with PCR tests, says Elizabeth Kimble.

PCR tests are normal and accurate tests that should be taken at a testing center to get out of isolation or to register as a victim in official corona figures.

Here comes the information on how it works On the home pages of the municipality When the project is ready.

– Now also offers mass testing of students with quick tests. We expect to find many new infections in the coming days, Kimble says.

– We prioritize any test in infection monitoring based on the advice of the NIPH, he says.

Clip: Elizabeth Kimble says the people of Trondheim municipality will take PCR tests home.

Moves students to isolated hotels

The municipality has now set up 160 isolated rooms and is in the process of converting the affected students into hotel rooms.

– We will set up a contact point to easily adjust spaceships and hotel rooms for those in need.

Wensey Dehley, director of health and welfare, says there will be additional information about it on the municipality’s website when the project is in place.

– We all have this responsibility

Rules if Municipal Director Morton Walton The chairmanship was introduced yesterday In accordance with the recommendations of the NIPH and the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

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Then people in Trondheim, among others, were told to find bandages. They now have to book at restaurants and bars, and they have to work from home if they have to go to work by bus.

They also recommend mass testing, we have already done it in the student community, we will do it again, and plan to test 35,000 students in a few days, says Morton Walton.

– It is incredibly important that we handle this well now. It does not help to point out the youth and students, we all have this responsibility and only if we can avoid further closing the city, he concludes.

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