Price increases to 310,000 NOK per night

Price increases to 310,000 NOK per night

This article was first published in Finansavisen.

the hotel: One of the most expensive suites in Paris has recently become even more expensive. In August, the price of a night in the loft suite at Le Bristol in Paris was raised by as much as 5,000 euros to 30,000 euros – more than 310,000 NOK.

The main reason according to Bloomberg That Americans come with strong dollar bills in their wallets and vacation in the city of love.

– There is no price resistance

Catherine Hadwell Boudry, Marketing Director of Le Bristol, expects a record year achievement. It wasn’t just the upper suite that was priced up – the standard rooms also increased by over 3,000 NOK to 23,500 NOK per room. night.

– There is no price resistance from our guests. Paris has strong demand, so we took advantage of that, says Hodol Baudry, who also confirms that rising wages, food and electricity are the reason for the price hike.

The Director of Communications also believes that the success of Netflix Emily in Paris Filled with clichés, it made more people want to visit Paris.

However, Chinese tourists still have to stay at home. Russians are at home for completely different reasons.

Americans are taking over

Another five-star hotel, Plaza Athénée, is also having a record summer thanks to euro-dollar parity.

Americans make up 45 percent of customers, up from about 25 percent before the pandemic. Russians made up 9 percent.

– Money is not a challenge. More is coming by private jet and more and more is coming by limousine, says François Delahaye, CEO of Plaza Athénée.

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Paris Fashion Week now also kicks off on September 26th, and that also means hotels are getting a lot of bookings. In addition, there is an art exhibition from October 20.

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