Price test – taxi shock

Price test - taxi shock

Stockholm (Dean Side): Would you take a taxi in Stockholm? Then you should take good care of it now. Because if you make that mistake, you risk paying three times the price.

The Swedes, as in Norway, have relaxed the rules for who can get permission to drive a taxi. The goal was a fairer market as well as price competition that would lead to lower prices for customers.

The result was quite the opposite in many places. And when DinSide tested the offer and prices of taxis in Stockholm, the result showed how bad things can be if you choose the wrong taxi.

Missed note: On a highway with a speed limit of 110, you lose your ticket if you are caught traveling 116 km/h with a trailer. In the above case, a car with a trailer traveled at a speed of 110 km / h, which is immediately the maximum speed for cars without a trailer. It can cost a person 9050 NOK. Video: Frederic Korsvall. Storytelling: Ron Korsful.
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This is what we did

The taxi ride went from Hötorget in central Stockholm to Gjörvellsgatan in Kungsholmen.

Google Maps provides the shortest driving route of 4.4 kilometers, but we found it could be made shorter.

We went to the nearest taxi stand in Hötorget and took the first three taxis, in the order in which they were lined up in the square.

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The results vary, as you can see in the table above

Half Price: If you choose the big taxi centers, you can get the ride for half the price compared to the free drivers. Photo: Odd Roar Lange
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Prices differences

There are large price differences in Swedish taxis. The same thing experienced by passengers who traveled from Oslo Airport to central Oslo. This is why Oslo Airport has introduced a new reservation system where you are given an up-front price, and you can choose the company you want. There are a total of 13 different taxi companies that drive to and from the main airport in Norway.

Check before driving

Here’s what Avinor says:

If you are taking a taxi from the airport, we recommend that you go to the taxi booking machine located in the Avinor Information Center in the arrival hall. There you will be able to order a taxi, as well as find an overview of prices for most addresses in eastern Norway.

Usually the taxi arrives within 3 to 5 minutes.

The Commercial Transport Act has been amended meaning that more operators can operate taxi operations in Norway. Travelers should be aware that fares may vary, and that taxi drivers are obligated to inform advance fares before commencing the journey.


The same applies in Sweden. And if you’re going on vacation to Stockholm, it’s important to keep a close eye on it.

Let it be said right away. It is up to each individual driver to charge whatever price he wants for a trip. Thus, it is smart to ask before starting the trip how much the trip will cost.

The Swedes themselves avoid the so-called “free riders” who have their own companies and do not belong to large central offices. Our price test shows it’s a wise choice.

Therefore, you must book via the taxi companies app, or ask the hotel to book on your behalf. If you are taking a taxi on the street, you should check the name of the company before you get in.

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