Prigozhin about the Wagner group: – It will disappear

Prigozhin about the Wagner group: – It will disappear

In a video posted by a Russian blogger on Friday, the head of Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin, said the group would disappear within a short time, the Reuters news agency wrote.

The group is a private army that, among other things, is fighting for Russia in Ukraine. Mercenaries in the Wagner Group are notorious for their brutality and ruthless behaviour.

Chief Wagner: – Kill everyone

It is not shown in the video when Prigozhin was interviewed or how serious the mercenary leader was.

At least what he says is the following, according to Reuters.

– Wagner will soon disappear. We will become history. There is nothing to worry about, such things happen, Russian war blogger Simgon Pegov told.

These clips show a Ukrainian soldier and a Wagner soldier nearly losing their lives during a gunfight. Video: KameraOne and Twitter. Correspondent: Magnus Paus / Dagbladet TV
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The quote is said to have come in connection with talk that his forces were short of ammunition in Ukraine.

Prigozhin has long complained about the Kremlin, demanding more ammunition for his forces in Ukraine. He was also no stranger to saying very sensational things in the media.

Like when he came out in mid-March to say he wanted to be president of Ukraine.

We have seen before that Prigozhin makes political contacts with a lot of humor, and here he openly plays with speculations that he should be a potential rival to Putin. , l Danish TV 2 this time.

The Friday clip was posted on the aforementioned Begov’s Telegram channel. Wagner did not respond to a Reuters query on the matter.

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