Prigozhin will return to Russia. There he is hanged on state television.

Prigozhin will return to Russia.  There he is hanged on state television.

Pictures of a Russian police raid show new sides of Prigozhin. The interior of his luxurious home in Saint Petersburg.

These photos of Yevgeny Prigozhin are all over the traditional and social media.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko made a startling statement on Thursday: Wagner President Yevgeny Prigozhin left Belarus and returned to Russia.

It is not said that Prigozhin has been there since the Wagner Collection Short riots Against the Russian military leadership was canceled at the end of June, after Lukashenko and Prigozhin I entered into an agreement. Part of the agreement was for Prigozhin to move to Belarus.

It is not known where Prigozhin has actually resided since the conclusion of the agreement. But it is known that his private plane landed in Minsk on the morning of June 27.

Now he will return to Russia. Specifically in St. Petersburg. This was reported by the Russian news agencies TASS and the news agencies Reuters and AP.

This happens after the state broadcasting station Russia-1 Showed photos from the police raid Towards Prigozhin’s luxurious house in St. Petersburg.

The photos were widely circulated in both traditional and social media.

On Wednesday, photos from a police operation against Prigozhin’s home and headquarters in St. Petersburg began circulating.

In his luxurious home, the police found, among other things:

A sledgehammer with the words “Important Negotiations”.

… assault rifles and loads of ammunition.

monetary. Here in US dollars.

Also shown in the pictures are gold bars, awards and medals. One erotic photo shows a number of wigs and loose beards that Wagner’s chief is said to have had at his disposal.

This photo is supposed to show Prigozhin’s “wig cabinet”.

Pictures of a room that appears to have been a special treatment room for the epidemic have also been released. It contained, among other things, a respirator and an oxygen concentrator.

He writes Meduza is an independent newspaper based in Latvia.

On one of the walls of Prigozhin’s house, a framed photograph showing several severed heads is also documented.

This image is among the widely circulated images on Telegram.

hangs out

The report stated that Russian state television collectively attacked Prigozhin on the same day the photos were published BBC.

Commentators on several channels called Wagner’s rebellion treasonous. They also attacked Prigozhin’s character. Among other things, Wagner’s manager has been referred to as a “greedy and violent thief”.

On the famous state-run channel Russland-1, where pictures of the raid were shown, it was said that Prigozhin should be responsible for the Wagner uprising.

But it wasn’t just pictures of Prigozhin’s home and offices that were shown. Also more photos of the same. It appears to be a different disguise.

Prigozhin’s many faces.

He does not follow the movements of Wagner’s head

A number of Telegram channels, said to be linked to the Kremlin, have also contributed to the massive spread of these images as well, write Medusa.

They further write that these may have been masks used by Wagner during operations abroad.

After the news became known that Prigozhin was in Russia, the Kremlin came Fast on track. Putin’s press spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said they had “neither the opportunity nor the desire” to follow Prigozhin’s movements.

Putin’s press spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, was reticent about the media when they asked about Prigozhin.

according to Washington Post An unnamed businessman from St. Petersburg confirmed that Prigozhin is in Russia.

The businessman claims that Wagner’s boss has returned “to take back the money and weapons that were seized by the Russian security services.

According to Tatiana Stanovaga, founder of the Paris-based consulting agency R Politech, what is happening now shows that the Kremlin has given Prigozhin the opportunity to come to Russia to clean up its affairs.

Earlier today, Reuters wrote that Wagner’s chief’s private plane had flown from Moscow to St Petersburg. It is not known if Prigozhin was on board.

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