Prime Minister Edward Munch’s “Scream” rolled into the National Museum

Prime Minister Edward Munch's "Scream" rolled into the National Museum

Paintings are worth billions. Aftenposten joined in and saw the Munch Room in the new National Gallery for the first time.

Edvard Munch’s famous painting “Scream” from 1893 on its way to the exhibition room.

The Munch Room in the National Gallery contains some of Edvard Munch’s most important works. Here are “Scream”, “Madonna”, “Girls on the Bridge”, “Sick Child”, “Dance of Life”, “Self-Portrait on the Spanish Flu”, “Sadness”.

– It makes me proud of my city, says Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store (Labour)

– With the National Museum and the new Munch Museum, the city is really getting a boost. This is where Akeer’s mechanical workshop used to be when I was young. It’s a new time, says Stoer and points out Akker Pierre.

On Friday morning, he and Culture Minister Annette Trietbergstein (Labour) were given a tour by director Karen Hindsboe and chairwoman Maria Morius Hansen.

The new National Museum in Westbahnen opens its doors to the public on June 11 after a series of delays.

A lot is now beginning to appear. It will be the largest museum in the North District. Just over 5,000 artworks will be displayed in 87 exhibition rooms. In total, the exhibition area is 10,000 square meters.

– This is a historical building, but it is not cheerful. Here, art, architecture and design will be at the center, says Director Karen Hindsbow as she directs the Prime Minister and Minister of Culture.

Edvard Munch’s work “Madonna” from 1895. – This is my favorite, says Culture Minister Annette Trettbergstoen.

Section of the Munch Room of the National Museum: From the right you can see “Portrait in the Spanish Flu” from 1919, “Moonlight” from 1893, “Moonlight” from 1895 and “Inger in Black and Violet” from 1892 drawing Munch are two completely different forms, both of which are called “moonlight”.

Norway story

The Prime Minister is tasked with rolling in “The Scream” by Master Edvard Munch. Now most of it is in place in the Munch room.

– This is a strong room, says Stoer.

He was concerned that the artists in the museum were showing “living life” and documenting reality. And besides, it inspires contemporary artists.

– This is the story of Norway and not least the pictures show the importance of nature.

He points out that it is a democratic decision behind the establishment of the museum, and that its price is more than 6 billion crowns.

I remember from my studies in Paris in the eighties, how the French set up several museums. It is very important.

As we pass some old wooden sleds in the glass showcases in the crafts department, Støre talks about his old wooden sleds that are constantly breaking.

We had to bring extra ski tips during the trip. We have four old ski tips in the cabin. Storr says modern skates don’t break.

The Prime Minister takes the time to speak with several employees. Ask if the security guard has a permanent job, and he has a job. – It’s good to hear, says Stoer.

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Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store and Culture Minister Annette Tritbergstoen in front of Harald Suhlberg’s iconic work “Winter Night in Rondin” at the New National Museum.

Culture Minister: – Sohlberg is my favourite

– This is my favourite, says Culture Minister Annette Tribergstein and stops in front of “Winter Night in Rondin” by landscape painter Harald Sohlberg.

Sohlberg’s typical blue is clearly visible in the new room.

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store loves the photo too, and the two stand and discuss the mountains, depth, view, and trees living their lives in the photo.

The Minister of Culture also has another favorite in the museum: Edvard Munch’s “Madonna.”

I’ve always been drawn to this impulse. Munch here shows a very strong and weak woman.

Edvard Munch is the boy from Løten. At Hedemarken we are very proud that he was born here. My family also comes from Luton, she says.

Trettebergstuen thinks it’s great to move from room to room in the new museum. Everyone makes the biggest impression.

– Here you will find art treasures from your home country and abroad. This is a museum for the whole country.

“The Struggle for Existence” by Christian Krogh from 1889.
  • Here you see more samples from the new National Museum:
The National Museum is located by Aker Brygge.
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