Prince Albert: – Breaks the silence after a new operation

Prince Albert: – Breaks the silence after a new operation

Princess Charlene, 43, of Monaco has been “trapped” in her native South Africa for four months due to an ear, nose and throat injury that prevents her from returning to her family.

In June, the Prince’s Palace announced that I underwent surgery result of injury. On Friday last week, she had to undergo a new complex four-hour surgery.

Writes Royal Central.

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Sending loving thoughts

Princess’ visit to South Africa Started in early May It was to last for ten small days. Soon after arriving, she had to seek medical attention afterwards He had problems with the ears.

Before the flight, Charlene underwent surgery in the mouth area, and the doctors were finally able to establish the presence of an infection in the surgical wound – which in turn led to her seriously ill from sinusitis.

Prince Albert is now talking about his wife’s condition after Friday’s operation, which was performed under general anaesthesia.

The operation was successful. Princess Charlene is resting, we send her loving thoughts, says Prince Albert to the site Persons.

It is already known that Prince Albert and his six-year-old twins, Crown Prince Jack and Princess Gabriella, will soon be boarding a plane to South Africa to visit the princess to be with her while she recovers from the intense operation.

Celebration from all sides

Earlier, she revealed that she too Missed the tenth wedding anniversary of the prince and princess, which was scheduled to be flagged on July 1.

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“This year will be the first year that I will not be with my husband on our wedding day in July, which is difficult and makes me very sad,” the princess said in a statement to People this summer.


– But Albert and we had no choice but to follow the instructions of the medical team, even though it was difficult. He has been a great support for me.

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Princess Charlene has missed a number of events due to her illness, including the traditional Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix in Monaco, where she was participating with her husband.

June 23 has been eleven years since then Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock is engaged to Prince Albert. The wedding took place on July 1 of the following year, but they had to celebrate the 10th anniversary separately.

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