Prince Andrew: – I will be back

Prince Andrew: – I will be back

talk a lot about him abuse case It had consequences for the British prince.

Virginia Joffrey sued Prince Andrew, 62, last year, alleging the prince abused her three times when she was 17. The abuses are said to have occurred at the property of now-deceased billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

Buckingham Palace announced in January That Prince Andrew would have his military titles and patronage removed, and that he would therefore resist the cause more as a private individual.

According to a press release from the British royal family, he, in agreement with the Queen herself, renounced the titles.

Now, however, the 62-year-old appears to have changed his mind. Site Reports yes!

Prince at the party: In the wake of allegations of abuse and questions about the friendship of the late Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew said in a new interview that he does not understand how he got the “Prince of the Party” character, because he is no longer partying. Pictures of the Prince of Saint-Tropez say the opposite. Photo: Coleman Rayner/Stella Pictures. Clip: Emily Redning
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You will have duties back

Prince Andrew has reportedly asked his mother, Queen Elizabeth, 96, to restore his title as HRH, because it is after all her four children.

According to the website, he is also lobbying the Queen to reappoint her as Colonel of the Guard, which was his most coveted title in the military.

The reason for his purported desire to reclaim his position as His Royal Highness is to restore respect, as well as the ability to once again participate in official royal appearances and duties with members of his family.

telegraph reports that Prince Andrew also wants his daughters, Princess Beatrice (33) And the Eugenie (32)They will have more active roles as members of the royal family.

Missing father: Here, Prince Andrew broke the silence after the death of Prince Phillips. Photo: Stephen Simpson/Shutterstock/NTB. Video: AP / Dagbladet TV
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denies the charges

Although Prince Andrew denies the charges against Joffrey, she tells a different account. In an interview with the BBC with the title “The Prince and the Epstein Scandal”She told her side of the story from the night she was said to have been forced to have intercourse with the Prince.

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Geoffrey said she was abused from a young age, and that she was so psychologically damaged that she ran for her life – and found Maxwell, who in turn introduced her to Epstein. Then she should have been offered training to work as a masseur for Epstein.

Andrew’s lawyer’s main argument is that Giuffre in 2009 signed an agreement With Epstein not to sue anyone connected to him. For this, Giuffre was paid one Half a million dollars.

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