Prince Edward refused to shake hands with sad Britons

Prince Edward refused to shake hands with sad Britons

London/Oslo (Dagbladet): On Monday, Britain’s late Queen Elizabeth will be buried. She passed away on Thursday, September 8. 96 years old. London’s streets were boiling in the days following the death, as many people looked forward to a final farewell to Britain’s longest-serving monarch.

On that occasion, many members of the royal family took to the streets to greet those present during the mourning period.

Among other things Prince William (40), Princess Kate (40), Prince Harry (38) and Duchess Meghan (41) talk to grieving BritonsHe received the flowers and shook hands with them.

last farewell: Several thousand people have queued for hours in recent days to view Queen Elizabeth’s coffin. Now closed. Video: Reuters
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raise eyebrows

Several members of the Queen’s family did the same.

They include the Queen’s youngest son, Prince Edward (58).. He and his wife, Countess Sophie, 57, had a conversation with several of those who had been standing outside Buckingham Palace in the days following the death.

Remarkably, unlike his relatives from the royal family, he refrained from shaking hands with any of those he met.

It has been speculated whether the prince did not want to shake hands due to the coronavirus, or whether he was just being rude.

time crunch

However, it has now been clarified why the Prince chose not to shake hands with those present. The reason must be that it takes so long, he writes 7 news.

A woman allegedly asked the prince for a handshake, and he replied:

– I’ll be here for a week – I don’t have much time.

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The idea behind this is that if he shakes hands with one person, he should shake hands with everyone he meets. The prince allegedly considers this a waste of time.

The royal couple: Here is King Harald and Queen Sonya in Westminster Hall, where the casket of Queen Elizabeth is located. Video: AP
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Accused of using a microphone

Prince Edward isn’t the only one causing a stir in public. Duchess Meghan also made headlines.

Perhaps most notable is the accusation that she was wearing a microphone when she met mourners outside Buckingham Palace.

A source is said to have claimed otherwise Sixth page These accusations are completely unfounded.

– That’s mad and harmful to her already. Of course, the source said she wasn’t wearing a microphone.

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