February 4, 2023


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Prince Harry: - An unknown woman with verses about the Prince

Prince Harry: – An unknown woman with verses about the Prince

There is great excitement around Prince Harry’s new book Save (38).which launched on January 10, 2023.

Even before the book hits the market, Prince can, according to him hello journaldescribing himself as a best-selling author.

Advance sales have taken off and the book is expected to depict an emotional and powerful story of what it was like to be a prince growing up in the British royal family.

According to the website, a number of information about his first encounters with what eventually became his wife, Duchess Meghan, 41, is also likely to emerge.

Prince Harry’s warning: Thomas Markle Jr., Meghan Markle’s brother, will be on ‘Big Brother VIP – Australia’. There he says he warned Prince Harry about Meghan. video channel 7
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Completely speechless

In regards to the fact that the launch date is approaching, one of Prince’s alleged past flirtations has come to light.

Catherine Ohmany (51) has the opposite the sun She talked about the alleged relationship with the prince, which lasted about a month. At the time, she was a 34-year-old mother of two, while the prince was 21.

Despite the 13-year age difference, the woman describes that she had a great time with the prince in 2006 and that, among other things, they understood each other’s sense of humor.

– He gave me the most incredible and passionate kiss I’ve ever had. She said, among other things, I was completely speechless, according to The Sun.

The 51-year-old also said that the two should have acted like “teenagers” and kissed passionately during the dates they were on. She also claims that they were photographed together in a photo while they were sitting in the bathtub.

Prince Harry: Prince Harry in conversation with Oprah.
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However, the revelation does not stop there. Umani believes that the prince dreamed of a completely ordinary life and had a special habit: he often ate love on a stick. This is supposed to be the background to the nickname she had for him, “Baby”.

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– I wish him success

However, the relationship should not be long-term, there were only a few dates before Prince Harry finally broke off contact.

In light of Prince’s upcoming book, the woman is now making a revelation, because the Prince is said to have included a number of ex-girlfriends in the story he’s telling.

– I doubt I’ll be in Harry’s book because the prince can’t be with the 34-year-old mother of two, the woman tells The Sun.

good decision: Crown Prince Haakon comments on the decision regarding the role of Princess Martha Louise. On 8 November it was announced that she would stop representing the royal house. Video: Jonathan Gathage Nielsen.

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Although the 51-year-old is apparently not included in the upcoming book, she wishes him well.

– I hope Megan takes care of him and I wish him nothing but happiness and success, because he is so brave, charismatic, incredibly funny, smart and such a lovely person.

Ommanney, best known from the reality show “The Real Housewives of DC,” reportedly broke up with her ex-husband Stefan when she and Harry ran into each other at an Art Bar in London in May 2006.

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