Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan:-

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan:-

surprised this week Prince Harry (37) and Duchess Meghan (40) “all”, when they suddenly reappeared in Europe. It’s been two years since they were last here.

They spent this weekend in The Hague, Netherlands, where they were present during the Invictus Games sporting event. stay there Including a cute letter about the couple’s son, Archie (2).

Earlier this week, and more specifically on Thursday, it became known that the couple were on a quick trip to the UK. there They visited Queen Elizabeth (95)according to a spokesperson BBC.

Now, however, many claim that the prince and his wife are “playing with the Queen’s feelings” by visiting them. He writes PageSix.

Prince Harry’s warning: Thomas Markle Jr, Meghan Markle’s brother, will appear in ‘Big Brother VIP – Australia’. There he says he warned Prince Harry about Meghan. Video Channel 7
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Wraps them around the little finger

Before they meet the Queen, Harry and Meghan must have met the prince’s father, Prince Charles (74), at Windsor Castle. The meeting should have lasted barely 15 minutes, he said. New York PostAnd it should have been at the Queen’s request.

The meetings took place under the paparazzi’s radar.

“I think the Queen and Prince Charles have missed them a lot, so Harry and Meghan can twist them around the little finger and use them for commercial use – as they’ve done before,” royal author Andrea Levine tells Good morning Britain Friday.

The meeting between Prince Harry and the family is the first meeting in two years. Now living in California, the couple have been criticized around the world for causing divisions in the British royal family.

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Among other things, Harry took a hard line against his father in the much-talked-about interview with Oprah Winfrey last year, in which he claimed Prince Charles had cut him financially.

Caught on camera: This comment from Queen Elizabeth sparked a lot of interest. Photo: PA Media. Reporter: Jostein Sletten / Dagbladet TV
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Last month it also became known that Prince Harry will not return to England to attend the memorial service for the late Prince Phillips. It’s likely the couple’s attempt to communicate about it, Levine continues.

“The couple needed the magic queen’s dust for their brand,” adds the Majesty’s editor-in-chief.

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