February 2, 2023


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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan:-

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan:-

There is no doubt about it Prince Harry, 36, and Duchess Meghan, 40, caused a lot of headaches for Queen Elizabeth (95) last year and a half. The duo made shocking headlines after headlines, but earlier this year it looked like they were in for a treat.Causes turbulent time delay – A little at least.

When they became parents for the second time in early June, they chose to name the little girl Lilibet “Lily” Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.

Prince Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, is in the family called Libeth.

I think it’s a nice tribute to the Queen, perhaps especially after all the noise that’s been made. Caroline Fagle, an expert at the Royal Household, said that although Harry and Meghan talked warmly about her throughout, their actions made it difficult for the whole family.

The Duke couple has a son Archie (2) from an earlier time.

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– awful

Now, however, it will become clear that naming the daughter after the Queen wasn’t the only thing Meghan and Harry wanted to do to honor the King.

according to the sun Because now they also want to meet the Queen, and they must have made a plan to make it happen. According to the tabloid, Elizabeth’s grandchildren requested a meeting at Windsor Castle – around the same time they want their daughter’s baptism.

Admittedly, there must be divided opinions about the Duke’s couple’s proposal.

Harry and Meghan came up with the show, but many people were shocked that they dared ask about it. A source says they might really want to meet the Queen, but that’s shocking after what they did to her last year.

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– Surprised

According to the newspaper, the source refers to the fact that Meghan and Harry have made very serious proposals regarding the British royal house, where Elizabeth, as mentioned, is the ruling queen.

The royal family has yet to respond to the Sussex couple’s request, although the source claims Queen Elizabeth is still very fond of Harry, at the same time she wants to meet Lillibet and Archie.

– But the source believes that the court employees were surprised by the request, especially from Megan, after what happened.

At one point Meghan revealed that being part of the royal family made her not want to live any longer, and the Duke couple also claimed that it should have been. Talk about the skin color of the future children of the couple When they were expecting their son Archie.

The shock is descriptive to say the least, but again In fact, very little is known about what actually existed behind closed doors.

Despair: Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is attracting attention. Video: CBS
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– Get lawyers against the grandson

What is at least certain is that the rest of the royal family, including Queen Elizabeth, are now tired of what is being described as an “attack” by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, according to the sun.

The biggest feeling is enough, a royal source told the tabloid recently, and continued:

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There is a limit to how much the Queen can accept, and the Royal Family can’t be pushed any further. They get lawyers. Harry and Meghan will be informed and informed that attacks will not be tolerated.

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