Prince Harry – claims his brother physically abused him

Prince Harry – claims his brother physically abused him

In his new book, Britain’s Prince Harry tells of a confrontation with his brother in 2019 that he claims ended with him being physically attacked by Prince William.

This is what the British newspaper writes Watchmanwho should have gotten hold of the book before it’s officially released next week.

The confrontation is said to have taken place at Prince Harry’s home in London in 2019, and Prince William says that Harry’s wife, Duchess Meghan, is “difficult, rude and insensitive,” Harry wrote, according to the British newspaper.

Have to argue: Brothers William and Harry. Photo: AP/NTB
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Harry then fired back and the situation between them is said to have escalated.

– It all happened quickly. He grabbed my collar, ripped off my necklace and threw me to the ground, Prince Harry writes.

Prince Harry also claims that the attack left him with visible back injuries. It is said that he landed on a dog bowl that crashed beneath him.

The British Royal House has not yet commented on the contents of the book or the accusations against Prince William.

Meghan and Harry: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are the producers of the new Nelson Mandela-inspired documentary series, Living to Drive. Video: Netflix
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– Megan was very sad

He is said to have stood up and told William to leave.

Harry wrote that his brother must have asked him to reply, but he refused. It is said that William then left, but returned shortly afterwards and apologised.

When William left again, he is said to have told Harry not to say anything to Meghan.

– Are you attacking me? It is said that Harry said.

– I did not attack you, Harold, answered William.

When Harry told Meghan why he had “bruises and scrapes” on his back, she was said to be “neither particularly surprised nor angry,” according to the book.

But Harry was “very sad.”

Sad: Prince Harry's wife Meghan was said to be sad when she heard about the controversy.  Image: shutterstock.

Sad: Prince Harry’s wife Meghan was said to be sad when she heard about the controversy. Image: shutterstock.
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Great forecast

Spear’s autobiography will be published next week, and is already expected to sour the relationship between Prince Harry and the rest of the British royal family. Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan ceased to function as royals in 2020 when they moved to the United States.

Great expectations associated with the “reserve”. In this context, the title can be translated as “reserve” or more negatively as what remains. The title plays on the phrase “heir and spare”, implying that it is the duty of the royal family to provide “heir and spare”.

In connection with the publication, Prince Harry has given an interview, which will be broadcast next Sunday. In clips from the interview, Harry says he wants his father and brother back and be part of a family, not an institution.

The book also comes a month after the release of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s Netflix documentary “Harry & Meghan” on the streaming service.

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