January 30, 2023


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Prince William — boiling from the inside

Attack after attack. Book Prince Harry isn’t kind to his brother, Prince William. But the brother remains completely silent. The only hints as to what the brother is thinking come from anonymous friends.

– He will not say anything in return, and never will, because he is incredibly respectful and loyal. An anonymous friend of the brothers says he is keeping quiet for the good of the family and the country Sunday times.

– He copes well on the outside, but he cooks up objections, the friend follows.

Queen Elizabeth’s talisman

But even the British media has not received anything official from the royal family. It’s a known strategy.

– This is the strategy they have used all these years. This was the motto of Queen Elizabeth. They should not complain or explain. This is what they still live by, Caroline Fagel, an expert on the royal house in Se og Hør, tells Dagbladet.

Trond Noreen Isaksen, an expert on the royal house and former court correspondent for TV 2, shares Fagel’s opinion.

– This is the policy they have because you are in a difficult situation if you have to reject and deny something, Isaksen tells Dagbladet and explains:

– Then people will automatically think that if you don’t do it, then it’s true. It’s a problem if you close yourself in having to say whether or not things are true.

Disclosures: Prince Harry publishes his autobiography “Spear”. There will be more revelations. Correspondent: Marte Nylkken Helseth / Dagbladet TV.

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– war

He describes the past two years as a one-sided war. It all started with Meghan and Harry meeting Oprah two years ago. Then came the Netflix documentary and now the book.

– It is about a situation where they are constantly attacked by a family member, but it is a war that is waged only by one side because the other side does not defend itself.

As a rule, it was anonymous friends of the family or sources in the royal family who commented on the attacks in the media. As friends quoted in today’s issue of The Sunday Times.

– That’s how it usually works. One has sources and friends. It’s a friend who does it instead of William. The Isaac says.

Next up: Prince William sticks to Queen Elizabeth's coat of arms.  Photo: AP/NTB

Next up: Prince William sticks to Queen Elizabeth’s coat of arms. Photo: AP/NTB
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The comment is anonymous

Prince Harry has specifically dealt with this use of sources in the royal family. He believes that they only formally adhere to the Elizabethan motto.

In fact, they comment on issues anonymously for England’s largest newspapers, according to Harry.

– Harry’s argument is that answering publicly is better than speaking anonymously. Isaksen explains that he says nothing good will come of silence.

Fagel does not believe that the royal house shares Harry’s opinion.

– Everything now indicates that they will not say anything. I think they are trying to keep calm. But I have to say I’m excited to see if there will be any comments and what they have to say.

– I can’t imagine it

Noreen Isaacsen, he also doesn’t think we’ll get any comment from the official side and doesn’t think William will appear in any interview to comment on his brother’s accusations.

– I can’t imagine he would do that. It will only make the situation much worse. The strategies are to rise above it and wait for the storm to subside.

He believes the “war” will only continue if they fight back and that the negative image of the royal family does not remain in Britain.

– In Britain, sympathy is not on the part of Prince Harry. Some actually state that this is almost a positive for King Charles as he handles this in an appropriate manner.

– So the Queen Elizabeth crest is still valid then?

– He does, in a way, Isaksen replies.

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